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Image of bust of Socrates with the words: "PHIL 102, Introduction to Philosophy with Christina Hendricks"

Philosophy 102 at the University of British Columbia, Spring 2017


Introduction to Philosophy II is broadly about “value theory,” which includes topics such as ethics, political philosophy, aesthetics, and what is the “good life” for humans. This particular course is focused on asking the question: “Is the unexamined life not worth living, as Socrates claims?” We’ll look at what the “unexamined” and “examined” lives are, according to the ancient Greek philosophy Socrates, and consider the possible value of living the “examined life.” As this can be broadly construed as doing philosophy, we’ll also be looking at the value of philosophy in everyday life.


Syllabus for the course: Please see this page

Collaborative guidelines for the course: please see this page

The Instructor for this course is Christina Hendricks

Christina’s office hours for Spring 2017

  • Wednesdays, 11-12 (IBLC 373, in the Gateway programs space)
  • Thursdays, 11-12 (BUCH E, 375)
  • Also by appointment (just talk to me to set up a separate appointment)

TAs for the course (see syllabus (above) for contact info)
— Jiwon Byun
— Kinley Gillette
— Sophia Sideris


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