Participation marks

Below is information on various ways you could earn participation marks for 8% of your final course mark.

The following are the same document in two different formats. You can also just read the information below.

PHIL 102 Participation Marks (Word version)

PHIL 102 Participation Marks (PDF)

Participation Marks (8% of final mark)

Submit summary of how you have participated, on Canvas, by Monday April 9 11:59pm

Note new due time! On Canvas it says 11:59pm and here it said 5pm; it’s fine to submit by the later time because it’s Christina’s fault there were two different due times!

As noted on the syllabus, 8% of your participation mark is for either speaking in the Wednesday, Friday discussion sections, and/or participating on other ways. This document explains how you can earn those marks.

You can combine two or more of the following options for participation.

Whatever you choose, you must:

  • Do something at least once in two of these months: January, February, March. In other words, you can’t wait until the end of the term to do it all. You can either do something in January and February, or February and March, or January and March, or all three. And regardless, you can do some in April as well.
  • All of your participation activities must be completed by April 9, 11:59pm, at the latest.

At the end of the term you will have to summarize how you’ve participated so be sure to keep track of what you’ve done! You don’t have to write down every time you spoke in the discussion meetings, but do say if you think you have participated through speaking in the discussion class, and/or through posting on the discussion board, and or in some other way so we know where to “look” for your participation and evaluate it.

Options for participation marks

  1. Speaking during the Wed or Fri discussion meetings; be sure you do so with respect for others, which includes giving others a chance to speak as well.
    • Speaking at least every other class meeting shows good participation, so long as you are speaking about class content in a way that shows you are keeping up with the reading and class lectures.
  1. Posting questions or comments on the class discussion board on the course website (see the link on the top menu that says “Q&A”)
    • These should have reference to class content, and should show that you have done the readings and paid attention to class. If someone answers your question you should respond back to them as well. Answering someone else’s question, so long as it has reference to class content and is long enough to address the question well, can count.
    • Just posting a question with a simple answer (e.g., how do we submit our essays? How do we use the discussion board?) doesn’t count for participation marks. Accordingly, posting to the discussion that is about how the course works will generally not count for marks for this.
    • Posting at least every other week (just like speaking in discussion sections every other week) shows good participation.
  1. Submitting reflective notes on the readings or lectures: for example, you could submit, via Canvas, two-column notes. One column is your notes on the readings or lectures, and the other column contains your reflections on these, including your views, your objections, your questions, or other reflections.
    • Since these take more work than the above ways to show participation, you would only need to submit at least three of these to show good participation.
  1. Working with Christina to create some introductory material for some of the readings, to be used by students in the course in later years. You would be writing some background material to the philosopher, as well as an overview of what you think is important to pay attention to in the reading.
    • If you are interested in doing this, please talk to Christina and we can work out how much you should do, and by when.
  1. Creating a blog post or set of slides or video to explain a concept or argument you found difficult, that later students can use to help them understand.
    • As with the previous idea, talk to Christina if you are interested in doing this so we can work out how much you should do, and by when.
  1. Have another idea for how to show good participation? Talk to Christina!


At the end of the term: Monday April 9 by 11:59pm at the latest

You will need to submit, on Canvas, a summary of the ways you have participated—either one or a combination of things from the list above. Again, you don’t have to write down every time you spoke in the discussion class or posted on the discussion board, but do say which of the above things you have done for participation.

There are three “participation marks” assignments on Canvas. This is because some people did three different things like submit three sets of reflective notes. If you’re just reporting on what you did, you can use any one of those three assignment submissions.