Philosophy in the world: AlphaGo defeated human grandmaster

Activity: Go, which is a game played with black and white pieces on a board of 361 crosses, is one of the oldest board game in human history. The rule of it is quite simple: around 361 crosses, the player who can occupy the most crosses is the winner. However, it is a game very based on tactics, people believe computer program can never reach the level as human beings do. But unfortunately, in 2015, the computer program exploited by Google team “DeepMind”, AlphaGo, successfully defeated many human grandmaster players all around the world, including famous Go player, Lee Sedol(human top player). In that game, AlphaGo  defeated Lee Sedol by absolute advantage(4-1). Even until now, no human being has ever defeated AlphaGo, a computer program.



Philosophy, in my opinion, is a science of thinking specifically focusing on the way we cognize the mechanism of the world. In other words, it is how we think what we are, what is our life goal, or what is the connection between us, human, and this world. Philosophy analyzes the principle of things and forms as general rule for people to follow. There are many examples of philosophers who can prove this definition as we discussed at class. For instance, Mill‘s life goal is to reform the interest of human, and he thinks the principle of human is happiness, which is people should follow the rule that how much happiness one thing can produce and people should follow this rule.(Mill, Chapter 2). We can see how Mill as a philosopher develops his philosophy in what people should do. In his opinion, the mechanism of the world is “produce as much as happiness, if yes, that thing is morality”.

Back to my activity, why it is philosophical? It is because according to Karl Marx’s Dialectical materialism, the feeling of outside objects by human depends on our  consciousness. For example, what you feel an apple like depends on your feeling when you touch it, smell it, and eat it. And consciousness is the unique feature which only human gains. (

   Before AlphaGo invented, no one can imagine a computer program can beat human, in this case of AlphaGo defeated human, it doesn’t mean machine is able to defeat human. Because human creates the computer program, the program is the reflection of human consciousness, it is the material. The truth of this issue is human being is improving themselves, because we did things we cannot do before, we can create something to defeat ourselves. That’s how this case also fits in the definition of philosophy. Philosophy’s investigated subject is human, only human has consciousness to create such amazing computer program like AlphaGo.

   There are too many ways for us to engage philosophy in our life. It doesn’t has to be very specific and purposive. We should practice the philosophy during our whole life, like what Socrates did, he doesn’t want to violate the authority of law, then he died rather than escaped. For me, I think, to be a mean person who always judges others, and be brave and humble. Because I believe what you believe will make you become the person you believe.