Philosophy In The World

In the famous folktale of Robin Hood, he demonstrates great leadership to the group of out-laws. These out-laws were casted out of the city and were forced to stay in the forest to ensure their safety. Wealthy travelers who found themselves in the bad company of these out-laws often had their riches stolen from them. Robin Hood despised those who were filthy rich and did no work to achieve their earnings; he only ever allowed his men to harm those who fit this description. He was especially kind to the poor. The stolen goods from the wealthy were divided up equally and distributed to the poor. Due to his constant help the common folk saw Robin Hood as their friend. This folktale holds many philosophical ideas, especially concerning the actions of Robin Hood.

Philosophy is the study of human concepts such as morality, individuality, and society.It is the analysis of life and its underlying meaning. Philosophy also places an emphasis on understanding decision making and the ethics behind them. Kant’s philosophical ideas talk about the importance of helping oneself as well as others in order to thrive as a society. He uses perfect and imperfect duties as an example of this. Perfect duties are obligations that must be followed as to uphold the harmony of society and imperfect duties as actions that must be done from the reflection of oneself onto society. He states that an individual must sustain and expand the ultimate capacity of a community by treating others as rational and autonomous beings. Kant also covers the morality of actions and how maxims hold the most importance in decision making. Maxims must be considered morally right in order for the action to also be morally right. The results that occur, no matter if they are good or bad, have no correlation with the motive; a good motive may yield a bad result, but the action can still be considered morally right.

The folktale of Robin Hood demonstrates many philosophical ideas, especially those of Kant. Kant believes that the greatest amount of happiness that can be produced for oneself as well as others is most important in one’s life. By helping the common people, Robin Hood is able to help a larger quantity of people. Though stealing in general is deemed an immoral action, he is able to benefit society through a small sacrifice. The rich are not affected by the thefts of Robin Hood as they are still able to live comfortably even after being robbed. However, with these small quantities of riches, the poor are able to prosper and survive further more. Though Robin Hood’s actions are not the most appropriate, his motives are still righteous in themselves. As mentioned earlier, Kant states that the moral goodness of an act is dependent on the maxim of it; actions and the results that occur are separate from one another. Theft is morally wrong however, Robin Hood’s desire to help those that are less fortunate is morally right. Despite his authoritative position amongst the out-laws, he never takes advantage of this role and instead took care in sharing the goods equally, ensuring that everyone was able to receive what they needed. As an outlaw himself, Robin Hood perhaps sympathizes with the common people and holds a stronger determination to help them. He practices his imperfect duties through this reflection of himself and is able to provide the needs for others that he would need himself. Kant states that helping on another is what enables society to thrive. Through this continuous support, Robin Hood and the common people are able to help each other grow and prosper within their community.

As an individual, I believe that one should try to reach their fullest potential in life. Through constantly improving oneself and treating others as one should want to be treated, society has the ability to grow and strengthen. Personally, I always try to make the morally correct decisions based on my own beliefs and what will benefit not only me, but others as well. Whether it be making a small donation or participating in fundraisers, or even small gestures like helping out a friend, I believe that any gesture out of kindness and the true desire of wanting to help others will make a difference even if it may be small. By acting this way and staying true to oneself throughout life, I believe that it enables an individual to discover more of what they want from life and what they should provide to others. The collective effort of individuals helping one another as they reflect their own needs onto society will aid their realization of what they believe to be is the underlying meaning of life.

Philosophical concepts exist everywhere in our everyday lives. They are evident in stories, movies, games, and more. People also make philosophical decisions all the time. It is a big part of our society in defining what is morally right and wrong and in an individual’s life, it aids one in acquiring the knowledge to discover the meaning of life. Philosophical ideas within things we interact with, teach us lessons that we can use to enhance our experiences as humans. Through this, we are able to thrive off each other and grow as a community.