Mar. 26-Apr. 6 (animals)

Monday March 26

close up of sheep's face looking into the camera, with what looks like a curious look
Sheep image, licensed CC0 on


Harman, E. (2011). The moral significance of animal pain and animal death. In T.L. Beauchamp and R.G. Frey (Eds.), The Oxford handbook of animal ethics. Oxford: Oxford University Press.

  • You can access this reading on the UBC Library Course Reserves page for this course (requires CWL). Go to the book that’s linked there and find the chapter by Elizabeth Harman called “The Moral Significance of Animal Pain and Animal Death.”

Wednesday March 28

Essay 2 due by noon on Wednesday, March 28. Submit it on the Canvas site (go to “assignments” after logging in).

We will still be discussing the Harman article, and will also start the following:


Belshaw, C. (2015). Death, pain and animal life. In T. Višak and R. Garner (Eds.), The ethics of killing animals. Oxford: Oxford University Press.


Monday April 2

We will continue talking about the Belshaw article linked above.

Wednesday April 4


  • Documentary on CBC website: Angry Inuk (45 minutes; viewable only from within Canada). This film provides information about Inuit seal hunting from the perspective of Inuit themselves. It argues against some of the claims and activist methods from animal rights groups.
    • There are images of a seal hunt (a seal is shot from a far distance) and of skinning and cutting up seal meat. If this is something you don’t want to see, skip the part from 1:30 to 4:30.
    • The above linked film is a shortened version of the original documentary. If you wish, you can watch the whole thing (about 80 minutes) on the National Film Board of Canada site.

Friday, April 6

Philosophy in the world assignment due by 5pm Friday April 6.