Change in plans for last week of class

I sent the following over email…

While preparing for class this week (and I’m behind on that b/c I just got back into town!) I realized that we’re just not going to be able to do justice to the ethics of care in two class periods, especially because (1) I want to talk a bit about Nussbaum’s view because we didn’t get to discuss that in class; all I was able to do is give my view on the video but there were no chances for questions or in-person discussion; (2) I am leaving 15 minutes at the end of class tomorrow for you to fill out the student evaluations for the course. So tomorrow there would be little time to talk about the assigned reading, which would mean it would spill over into Thursday, which would mean less time to talk about the assigned reading for Thursday, and then there are no more classes after that! Being out of town last week has made things a bit difficult in this regard.

Plus, while I usually have a review session before the final, the fact that our final exam is so early this term (next Tuesday already!) means that there isn’t much time between the end of classes and the final to do that. So I’ve decided to hold a review session on Thursday during class.

Here’s the plan for the last week, then:

Tuesday: talk about some parts of Hursthouse’s and Nussbaum’s views. I won’t give the whole lecture again, because I already did that on the video. Instead this will be a chance to discuss these views, ask & answer questions, etc. We’ll also do some small group discussion on some questions I have about Nussbaum. Then there will be time at the end to fill out evaluations of the course (so bring a computer or mobile device to do that if you have one!).

Thursday: review session. For this I will just answer questions about the final exam and the essay questions, including anything about any of the philosophers’ views you’re not sure about. So bring questions to ask on Thursday! We will also do some small group activity in which you try to come up with possible short answer questions that could be asked on the exam (a good way to review for the exam!). So bring your notes to class on Thursday for this (or a computer to access the notes on the website or the reading notes from students on the wiki).

**If at least 70% of the class has filled out the student evaluations by Wednesday at 5pm, I will bring food to class on Thursday (cookies or some other treat like that).

Friday: the fourth journal assignment, which is now optional, is due by 5pm. HERE’S A GOOD REASON TO DO THIS JOURNAL ENTRY: it’s about virtue ethics, and virtue ethics is on the final exam. I will work all weekend to get those journal entries marked so you can have feedback before the exam. This is a good way to get some feedback on your knowledge of virtue ethics before the exam.

I will have office hours on Friday from 2-3, as usual. These will be in IBLC 372 (inside the glass door that says “Arts One” and “Coordinated Arts Program” on it). I will also have office hours Monday 12-1 in BUCH E375.

Extension on due date for second essay draft

As noted in an email sent on Sunday, Nov. 2 (sunday night), I realized that because of the Remembrance Day holiday on Tuesday Nov. 11 that means we won’t be doing peer comments on the second drafts of the essays until Nov. 13, having the second essay drafts due Thursday, Nov. 6 means you have a whole week to read the drafts before needing to give comments. I don’t think that much time is needed, and I expect you instead need more time to write the drafts themselves. So I’ve changed the due date.

The second essays drafts are now due Nov. 10, 5pm. Otherwise, the rest of the instructions are exactly the same.

Of course, you are welcome to turn them in anytime before that if you have other things you need to do next weekend!