Your customers have already gone mobile – where are you?!

I remember back in the days when regular people were starting to get cell phones. Who would ever have thought we would one day be surfing the world-wide-web on them? As far as I remember the most advanced stuff on my dear old Nokia 3210 was the lovely and very addictive game ‘Snake’.  That was over 10 years ago, and the online landscape has completely changed. If you are reading this, I will assume that you are very likely to own a smartphone. Close your eyes and ask yourself: what have you done with it today? Can you even recall how many times you have checked it for texts, e-mail, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Maps and directions…? Probably not. The point I’m trying to make is that you use it more often than you can ever recall. You use it that often. Kinda weird, isn’t it?

Recent reports have shown that a whopping 71 % of all activity on Facebook are made on a mobile device. 71 percent! That’s a huuuuuuge number considering the superior reach Facebook has world-wide (see some stats here). Other reports show that mobile searches are projected to exceed desktop searches in 2015. Just type a simple search on Google for something like “mobile implications on marketing” and you will find report after report, blog after blog, with long lists of breathtaking stats of mobile usage and the implications for marketers.

The big question now is – why do mobile websites, mobile ads, mobile apps suck so bad? It the mobile channel have been emerging exponentially for such a long time now, how come so many marketers completely neglected this? I don’t know. Maybe some of them are just too old to realize what’s going on? But then again, that wouldn’t make sense, as the whole point of their job is to find opportunities in the market. Maybe it is because it is so rapidly changing and they are working in businesses with slow decision-making processes? Je ne sais pas!

My suggestion to everyone that wants to call themselves a marketer is to actually do your homework. Realize where your customers are! Understand how they behave! Observe, listen and learn – and don’t get comfortable and satisfied with where you are. The market will always change and you have to be on the train, or miss it!

I’ll come back to this topic soon. In the meantime, for further reading I recommend:

× 13 Stats to Convince Your Boss to Invest in Mobile in 2013 – awesome summary by Mike Abasov (Blog)

× Bad Mobile Creative Not Just a Missed Opptortunity, It Damages Brands – Greg Stering lists examples and explains the risks of bad mobile ads. A must read! (Blog)

× 50 Must-Know Mobile Commerce Facts – if you’re into e-Commerce and not ‘only’ advertising this presentation is great! By Mobify (Slideshare)

× The 2013 Social Rich Media Benchmark Report – suuuuch an interesting report. Read it. Adore it. Data analysis of over 2 billion Facebook interactions with Facebook ads. By Shopigniter (free registration required for full report)

× Digital Customer Experience Teams In The Post-PC Era – study on different approaches by i.e. RBC. Looks boring like all other Forrester reports, but it’s really interesting. By Samuel Stern (Summary available; subscription to required for full report)

Update 14 Nov:

If you are one of the lucky to have access to Forresters research database, check out this great report on strategies for the Mobile Mind Shift (report, teaser for free, full version require an account)


23. October 2013 by Carl-Philip Ahlbom
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