4.c) Inspiration, Perspiration and Proliferation

in 4. Connecting the Dots

Podcasting may have been invented by a few individuals, but its evolution relied on the inspiration and encouragement of countless people.

Many Canadian podcasters feel indebted to the the early adopters for forging a path and urging others to follow.

★  Toronto’s “Scarborough Dude,” the voice behind the Dicks’nJanes Podcast, provides an excellent case-in-point:

Connie Crosby, of the Community Divas Podcast, remembers Toronto’s first Podcasting Meet-up as one of the most important moments in her podcasting history:

Valerie Hunter, of the Description: Valerie in Toronto podcast, remembers the first time she heard about podcasting:

  • Jack Kapica’s article “It all about the name,” appeared in The Globe and Mail on February 8, 2005.

Canadian Podcasts have inspired listeners worldwide:

★  Neil Gorman is a professional public speaker and high school history teacher near Chicago, IL.  Here he speaks about one of his most memorable podcasting moments:

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