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A misconception about extrasolar planets

A couple of weeks ago in the introductory “Astro 101” class I work in, the instructor and I confirmed that many students hold a certain misconception. I was, still am, pretty excited about this little discovery in astronomy education. If … Continue reading

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Another day of agile teaching

The prof I’m working with in our introductory #astro101 class at UBC surprised me today. I thought he was sabotaging a teachable moment when in fact, he pulled one of the most “agile” moves he’s made yet. Here’s the story: … Continue reading

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Clicker votes when students guess

I’m working with a veteran gen-ed astronomy (#astro101) instructor to make his classroom more learner-centered. We’re working hard on effective clicker implementation. The benefit of using clickers for think-pair-share (TPS) questions is the instructor can use the students’ votes to … Continue reading

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Wasn’t expecting Him in class

In the #astro101 class I’m working on, we just reached the “what is life” section. Great timing, considering the new @NASA astrobiology discovery of a bacteria that, unlike every other living creature, uses arsenic instead of phosphorus in its DNA. … Continue reading

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Clicker questions should be integrated, not jammed in later

The CWSEI group at UBC gets together every week to discuss a journal article. This week, it was a new article by Melissa Dancy and Charles Henderson “Pedagogical practices and instructional change of physics faculty,” Am. J. Phys. 78 (2010). … Continue reading

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