German Holocaust archive publishes inventory online: 30 million documents

General Inventory ITS:

The International Tracing Service says it has published its Holocaust-era inventory online, offering an overview of holdings that include some 30 million documents on Nazi persecution, forced labor and the fates of survivors.


Application deadline for Witnessing Auschwitz 2016

Witnessing Auschwitz is still accepting applications for 2016 program.

Deadline: October 29, 2015 at 3:00 pm

For more information on application process please check:

About the program

Auschwitz was a place in which several frequently conflicting agendas of the Nazi Germany intersected: it was an industrial compound, a concentration camp, a medical research site, and an extermination facility; it served to imprison, terrorize, enslave, and kill. Moreover, Auschwitz is a site of conflicted memories that raises the question how, and if at all, it can be remembered and commemorated in ways that resist both sentimentalization and the recourse to conventional literary or cinematographic imagery. In fact, one of the most pressing issues of the Holocaust studies is the question: how to educate about Nazi crimes when there are no more survivors to share their stories.

This program takes a multi-disciplinary approach and will give you the chance to take part in lectures, seminars and workshops in Poland, where you will have direct access to historical archives, museums, and leading experts in all relevant disciplines related to the Holocaust studies.You will conduct independent studies at sites of mass extermination, as well as research issues related to the Holocaust in the context of social responsibilities of researchers and professionals.

Witnessing Auschwitz

From the Auschwitz – Birkenau website:

Autentyzm – doświadczenie – pamięć. Seminarium badawcze studentów University of British Columbia (MCEAH – Memorial and State Museum of Auschwitz-Birkenau)


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Please join us for the student conference on Witnessing Auschwitz!

On behalf of the Witnessing Auschwitz program, we cordially invite you to the 2015 Student Conference.

This conference will include student panels centred on the research they conducted whilst in Poland. The Witnessing Auschwitz program was an incredible opportunity in which students from UBC were able to participate in a multi-disciplinary program that allowed them to explore the complicated memory of the Holocaust and the context in which it affects the present.

This year will also include many different speakers.Their topics will be an invaluable opportunity to learn more about the Holocaust. With the generous sponsorship of the Polish Consulate of Vancouver, this year’s conference also has the pleasure of welcoming the exhibition The World Knew- Jan Karski’s Mission for Humanity. It is a 22 panel exhibit which tells of Karski’s lessons for humanity through photographs, documents and testimony.




Sept. 10th 4:30 pm

“Life and Extermination of the Warsaw Ghetto”
Ziegler Series lecture by Dr. Jacek Leociak

Sept. 11th 9:00 am

“On the Phenomenon of the Underground Archives of the Warsaw Ghetto”
Ziegler Series lecture by Dr. Jacek Leociak

Sept. 11th 11:50 am

“Jan Karski, Polish Diplomacy and the Holocaust”
Dr. Kryzstof Olendzki

Sept. 11th 4:15 pm

“ ‘Termite Craze’: The (De)Nazification of Social Insects. The Case of Karl Escherich”
Dr. Geoffrey Winthrop-Young