Environmental Assessment for the Garibaldi

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The Garibaldi and Squamish project is a proposed mountain resort 15 km north of Squamish on Highway 99. In 2010, the BC Environmental Assessment Office released a report stating that the project lacked effect on vegetation, fish, and wildlife habitats. Five years later, in 2015, developers filed an application claiming that they addressed these issues. I have been hired as a natural resource planner by the British Columbia Snowmobile Federation who initially opposed the proposed project. In order to fully assess whether or not building the Garibaldi is plausible, I had to examine BC’s Environmental Assessment’s recommendations as well as project criticisms.

In order to assess and analyze the impact of the project, I had to acquire the data from DataBC, parse the data, filter the data, mine the data, and produce a final map of the data. Ultimately, I found that 53.8% of the total project area falls in protected areas where we cannot build. This leaves a limited amount of space for the project to be developed. Because of the limited space available, and the size/location of the Garibaldi, I do not believe that this project should be allowed to continue. This result does not differ from what I wrote in my initial memo.


Applied data visualization strategies of data acquisition, parsing, filtering, mining, and representation to my data in order to create a complete impact assessment.

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