What is Alice Mail?

Alice mail is the e-mail service included in the home or telephone internet offers signed in the past with the operator TIM. The email is indefinite and can be configured on Outlook or Eudora, the main mail clients currently available. It is a mail service that offers several features.

For example, the Antivirus service and the Antispam which allow countering unwanted presence on PC and mobile devices. With Alice mail, you can block unwanted senders and spam mail does not take up space because after 20 days they are automatically deleted from the trash. Finally, Alice mail guarantees a space of 3 Giga Bytes, suitable for archiving all important emails but also for sending attachments up to 3 Gigabyte.

Remember that the Alice mail service is free for all those who have subscribed in the past to an ADSL internet plan or telephone with Alice.


Alice Mail Functionality

There are many functions that alicemail makes available to its customers. In addition to the classic ones, such as the division into folders that allow easy searching of the mail, there are other more advanced ones.

For example, by associating your mailbox with your TIM number, you can use 10 free SMS per month, simply by connecting from an ADSL or Fiber line. By downloading the Alice mail app for managing emails on your smartphone, you will easily have all incoming and outgoing messages under control, being able to reply directly from your phone without any difficulty.

You can also archive all the attachments received, dividing them by type, so you can simply search for an important document as soon as the need arises.

Alice mail is very simple to use, thanks also to the simplified interface. Even the use through the app is simple and fast.

How to Register?

Accessing the Alice email is very simple and can be done through different systems. The easiest way is to do so through the website dedicated to Alice’s email, simply entering the email address and password.

It is important to register for the service as a first step and activate your mailbox. It can be done on-site by accessing the Register TIM Mail and entering the name of your domain which will be followed by @ tim.it , @ alice.it or @ tin.it .

The system will then request the entry of a password of your choice which will be used later to use Alice’s services. To complete the operation, you must accept the conditions with the appropriate “Accept” button, and then you can start using it freely.

Alice’s e-mail can also be viewed from mobile via the app.

Frequently asked questions mail Alice

1) How to change the Alice mail password?

You must log in to your email with your credentials and then go to the ” Password and Security ” section. Once the ” Password ” item has been selected, click on the “Change” button and enter the current password first and then the new one, repeating it in the box below. Finally, at the top left, you have to click on the “Save” button to confirm the operation.

2) How to delete all emails from Alice?

To delete emails from Alice’s mail, you must access your mailbox through your personal credentials, highlight the individual emails you want to delete, click on the button on the left next to the subject and then click on the trash can symbol. For a massive and quick cancellation, you can click on the button at the beginning of the column, at the top left, and then immediately after on the one with the trash can symbol and all emails will be deleted. For the trash and spam just enter the dedicated area and click on the “Clear all” button.

3) How to block junk mail on Alice mail?

To block Alice’s email’s junk mail, the procedure is very simple. By opening the email received from the unwanted address, the “Block user” button appears at the top right, which will allow you to perform the desired operation in one step.

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