Journal of Political Science

by kbwatts ~ April 19th, 2011

After much work, the UBC PSSA has finally completed this years journal.  With the finished publication in hand, we would like to invite you to the Journal of Political Studies 2011 launch!

A number of papers, that cover a vast array of political issues, are included in this years JPS.  All contributions were submitted by students, reviewed by an editorial board, and revised under the guidance faculty members from the UBC Department of Political Science.  Such an endeavor was undertaken to create a publication that is both educational and pleasurable to the reader.  To celebrate the successful completion of the JPS, we will have its launching on May 9th (the first day of summer classes).

Please stop by, as this is a FREE event in the Lillooet Room of Irving K. Barber, between 1-2 p.m. Whether curious about politics, or wanting to network with people of a political mind, the JPS launch is sure to cater to your interests.

So please come, engage in conversations with both faculty and students, meet new people, and enjoy some refreshments with us.  We look forward to seeing you there!

Advertising and Distribution Team

Jin Young Park/ David Jovi Decolongon

Editor-in-Chief/ Assistant to the Editor-in-Chief

Election results:

by kbwatts ~ March 29th, 2011

The results of the latest Political Science Students Association elections, held on March 29th, 2011.

The following list provides the name of the new Executive team for 2011-2012:

Co-Presidents: Jin Young Park & Daniel Lin

VP Finance: David Decolongon

VP Admin: Rachel Davies

VP External: Stewart McGillivray

VP Internal: Vicky Chan

Thank you to everyone that came out and voted in these elections. We are confident that this team will be very successful in representing political science students’ needs next year.

UBC PSSA: A Panel on Prostitution & Human Trafficking

by kbwatts ~ March 28th, 2011

Join us for an engaging panel discussion on solutions to sexual exploitation issues in regards to prostitution and Human Trafficking in Vancouver. We will be hosting 4 of the leading experts with regards to issues of sexuality and society.

What’s it like to be a sex worker? Do people actually choose to get into this profession? How well do our current laws empower men and women working in the DTES and the Greater Vancouver area?

Come with questions and leave armed with knowledge.


Founder of the West Coast co-op of Sex Industry Professionals & retired “sex worker” with over two decades in the “sex trade industry.”

Canadian Authority on Human Trafficking

Associate Law Professor, Legal Expert

Aboriginal Women’s Action Network (AWAN)

Everyone welcome!

Light refreshments included

[UBC Get Published!] Call for Submissions

by kbwatts ~ January 26th, 2011

Call for Submissions:

Get Published in the 2011 UBC Journal of Political Studies!

The UBC Journal of Political Studies is one of the premier undergraduate student research journals in the country and is now accepting submissions for its 2011edition. This is an excellent opportunity for students to showcase their work and to be published.

The Journal attempts to publish papers from a wide variety of political science-related fields, and students are encouraged to submit papers from all the sub-fields of political science. Papers not written for course credit will also be accepted, provided they are still relevant to the discipline. All papers must be the author’s original, previously-unpublished work and each author is permitted to submit a maximum of two papers for consideration. All papers should be 1500-3000 words in length.

Students are strongly encouraged to review their papers before submitting them, and to use any feedback they may have received. Students should also contemporize their papers if necessary.

Papers must be received by 9 pm on 1 February 2011. Questions and concerns can be directed to the Editor-in-Chief at

AUS Mardi Gras BBQ!

by kbwatts ~ January 14th, 2011

On January 14th, we will be hosting a BBQ down in MASS from 6.00 – 8.00 pm!

Please come and support your PSSA and the AUS ( :

Seminar of Parliament Internships | 12.30 BUCH C403

by kbwatts ~ January 12th, 2011

Interested in getting involved in your provincial government?

Not only is an internship with the BC legislature a terrific opportunity for all of you looking for a future in politics, but it provides you the chance for direct, hands-on experience in provincial politics!

Check this link for more information on Parliamentary Internships and come to the seminar!

Where: BUCH C403

When: 12:30pm, Thursday 13, 2011

Annual General Meeting and Networking Event! (Nov. 3rd)

by kbwatts ~ November 1st, 2010

This event is going to be a lot bigger than most of us had anticipated, the list of invited and confirmed guests is growing.

Officially commencing at 5pm on November 3rd, the schedule and the rundown are as follows:

The Schedule:

4:30pm – Membership & Sign-in
5:00pm – Presidents of PSSA
5:15pm – Head of Political Science
5:20pm – Executive Introductions and Event Preview
5:30pm – Constitution Amendment
6:00pm – Keynote speaker – “How to Network”
6:15pm – Practice what you just learned – Enjoy, Mingle, Eat!!

The Rundown:

We have invited Student Leaders from all kinds of fields! Department of Foreign Affairs, The Young Liberals of Canada, The Young Conservatives of Canada, Pre-Law Society, almost all the Presidents or VP of Student Governments (AUS, AMS, CUS, SUS) will be there along with most of the executives of the AMS, Urban Planners, Board of Governors, and the Head of the Political Science Department.

They get to meet PSSA execs, learn of our events, conferences and how we can help them with getting into the major.

This is a chance for everybody to network and find out how they can get involved in student government, grad school, internships, politics, commerce and more!

There’s something for everyone! At the very least, come for the free food!

This will Be the Largest Gathering of Student Leaders on Campus!!!

New Site Launched!

by kbwatts ~ September 27th, 2010

Welcome to the newly launched PSSA website!

We have lots of amazing events coming this year, please subscribe to our RSS feed to stay informed!

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