Want to reduce stress? Check your email less!

emailA new study by PhD candidate Kostadin Kushlev and Professor Elizabeth Dunn in the Department of Psychology at UBC suggests that easing up on email checking can help reduce psychological stress. Read first-hand about their research in this article they co-wrote in the New York Times.

Stop Checking Email So Often

Is email overload bad for you? This is a complicated question. Although researchers have found a correlation between dealing with email and adverse well-being (for example, feeling stressed or emotionally drained), this does not mean that email itself is necessarily the culprit. (Perhaps a busier work schedule is what causes stress — and spending lots of time on email is a mere artifact of a busier work schedule.) Furthermore, such research suggests that, even if email is the culprit, the sheer volume of email that people handle might not be the problem.

This points to another possibility: Could the frequency with which you check your email play a role in causing stress? After all, three-quarters of workers report replying to email within an hour or less of receiving it, according to a recent survey of 503 employees at workplaces in the United States.

This question motivated us to design an exploratory two-week field experiment, the results of which will appear in next month’s issue of the journal Computers in Human Behavior.

Read the full article.

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