Modern Punjabi Literature & Language: Resources

Under construction in 2018-9

On-line Resources on Modern Punjabi Language and Literature:

  1. Hear from renowned authors Ajeet Cour and Kartar Singh Duggal, courtesy of the US Library of Congress “South Asian Literary Recordings Project”:  &
  2. Explore the rich online archive made available by Saeed Bhutta:
  3. The “Apna” website: “The Academy of the Punjab in North America,” provides access to a wide range of Punjabi language and literary resources
  4. “Kitab Trinjan”: a Facebook page dedicated to Punjabi culture
  5. The 1947 Partition Oral History project:
  6. The Research Centre for Punjabi Language Technology, Punjabi University, Patiala, which provides resources for Punjabi language learning, script transliteration (to/from Gurmukhi and Shahmukhi), online access to the University’s excellent Punjabi-English dictionary, and more:
  7. The YouTube Channel of the Lyallpur Young Historians Club offers lectures on various topics related to Punjabi culture

General Online Resources on South Asian Languages

  1. The Digital South Asia Library