Past Years

Past invited scholars/artists have included:

2009 Alyssa Ayres (Ph.D. University of Chicago)
2010 Farina Mir (Michigan)
2011 Arvind-pal Singh Mandair (Michigan)
2012 Nikky-Guninder Kaur Singh (Colby College)
2013 Guriqbal S. Sahota (University of California, Santa Cruz)
2014 Ali Kazimi (York University)
2015 Samuel John, actor and activist, based in Punjab, India
2016 Sunit Singh (University of Chicago)
2017 Samuel John, actor and activist, based in Punjab, India
2018 Gurvinder Singh, Filmmaker
2019 A Celebration of the life of Gurcharan Rampuri

Writer/Book Award Winners
At first the book/writer award either honoured, in alternating years, a BC-based Punjabi-language writer with a “lifetime achievement award,” or a “best book” published in recent years by a writer from the region. With the foundation of the Dhahan International Punjabi Literature Prize, for which UBC acted as a founding partner in 2014, the Sidhu Prize was changed in 2013 to function as a “lifetime achievement award” alone.

2009 Gurcharan Rampuri (for lifetime achievement)
2010 Sohan Singh Punni, for his book “kaneḍā de gadarī yodhe,” “Canada’s revolutionary fighters”
2011 Ravinder Ravi (for lifetime achievement)
2012 Dr. Sadhu Singh, for his book “paṅjābī bolī dī virāsat,” “The legacy of the Punjabi language.”

From this time forward, an award has been given for lifetime achievement:

2013 Ajmer Rode
2014 Surjeet Kalsey
2015 Sadhu Binning
2016 Jarnail Singh Sekha
2017 Nadeem Parmar

2018 Inderjeet Kaur Sidhu

2019 Joginder Shamsher