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Hi there! My name is Francesca Tse and I am a 3rd year Food, Nutrition, and Health Sciences student. Born and raised in Vancouver, BC, I’ve always had a growing passion for food and health. Besides my love for food, I enjoy figure skating, cheerleading, playing video games, and going on adventures. As an employee of the City of Vancouver with a passion for impacting positive change, this project intrigued me the most. I think this is a great opportunity to be involved in an aspect of my workplace that relates to my interests. I hope to gain a valuable experience in working with CityStudio and the City of Vancouver in making zero waste a reality. I am looking forward to this LFS 350 project because I believe that every person has the ability to make an impact on something they are passionate in.


Hello! My name is Janela Sanqui and I am a 3rd year student in the Applied Biology Program, majoring in Plants and Soil Science. I was born and raised in the Philippines and have been living in North Vancouver for almost 6 years now. When I am not studying and learning about different kinds of plants and trees, I play guitar, read novels, binge-watch programs on Netflix, listen to music and explore hiking trails in the North Shore. I always find topics regarding sustainability and conservation thought-provoking thus, I chose this project. When I heard about Vancouver’s 2020 Action Plan to be the greenest city in the world, I become more excited in making a difference in the community. This project is a great opportunity for me to gain significant experience working with Vancouver City and City Studio and also to put my curiosity into action. I also look forward to learning more about how we can incorporate waste management and diversity in developing a better food system.


Hello, my name is Yanika Hu, a third year Nutritional Science student in UBC. I have been living in Vancouver for about a year and Richmond for almost six years. I am a total foodaholic. I not only love to eat, and also enjoying cooking. When I have free time, I like to study new cuisine by watching YouTube or reading new recipes from cookbooks. Seeking out new food and restaurants is another habit of mine, especially Asian food.  Based on my passion on food, the project “Put Waste in Its Place” in LFS 350 is a great opportunity to understand the importance of the connection between food and waste, and how it affects the entire food system. The collaboration with the City of Vancouver and CityStudio will provide a unique experience connecting the theory we learn in the class to reality. I am looking forward to exploring multiple perspectives to create a zero waste community.


Hello! My name is Charlotte Nieuwenhuis. I am a third year student at UBC working towards a Bachelor of Science in Food Nutrition and Health. I have lived in Delta, BC all my life and over the years, I’ve continuously nurtured my passions for the environment, food and health. When I’m not at school or work, you are likely to find me walking and hiking with my dog, biking, adventuring, listening to various genres of music, travelling, and baking. I first began thinking critically about the impact people can have in helping the environment in high school, as part of our Green Club and through learning about climate change. With that said, it wasn’t until I started attending UBC, and using the recycling system on campus that I fully understood just how much waste can be diverted. None of the previous schools I’d attended or places I’d worked at had implemented a similar program. Through our LFS 350 project, I am excited to learn more about waste diversion and how to reach people who don’t currently recycle. More importantly, I’m interested in how to make people want to recycle, so they will continue the trend in their future, in both public and private settings. I was drawn to this project through my passion for the environment. I wholeheartedly believe that each person can make a difference; even if what people are doing seems small, it all adds up in the end. Ultimately, I want to spread my passion around and help educate people on the importance of recycling, so we can all work together to make Vancouver (and the world) a greener place to live.


Hello! My name’s Joanna Luu. I am a third year student majoring in Nutritional Sciences. I’m from a city in the lower mainland just outside of Vancouver called Surrey, however, I consider the city of Vancouver my home. Growing up near the mountains, I’ve grown to love being outdoors and enjoy hiking, snowboarding, and exploring anything out in the wilderness. When I’m not outdoors, I love to eat and try new foods, play softball and basketball, and explore the city. The thing that gravitated me towards this project was my admiration for the environment and wildlife and how we can preserve it. I’ve recently come back from a trip from southeast Asia, and what I found shocking was their lack of care for waste management/diversion. In comparison to our system here at home, their system lacks any kind of sustainability. That is why I want to be a part of the movement to make Vancouver a greener city in hopes of impacting cities around the world to take action in making their cities green as well. I’m extremely excited to work with CityStudio and the City of Vancouver, both two great networks, as well as learn more about our city’s waste management system.


Hello! My name is Chloe Lin. I am a third year student in UBC Land and Food Systems, and my major is food market analysis. I am originally from China and I moved to Vancouver four years ago. I spend most of my winter time skiing and summer time skateboarding, and as for the rest of it, reading and baking! I chose this project because as an international student, I think my experience of living in different cities can bring new perspectives to the project, and I’m eager to know how this waste diversion problem is going to relate with people’s social behavior and make a positive change to Vancouver on its way to becoming the greenest city. I am very excited to work with my team, CityStudio and the City of Vancouver, and I’m ready to contribute all my effort to this zero waste project.


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