Faculty/Lecturer – [Centre for Digital Media, Vancouver, BC] 2017-present
  • Supervise graduate student project teams on various industry projects (providing support on design, project management, design sprints, agile/scrum methods)
  • Teach courses (creating syllabus, managing course, instructing graduate students, face-to-face instruction, online learning (i.e., Canvas), blended-learning, student assessment) (DMED 521, 522, 540, 530) Mean rating 4.7/5
  • Program Curriculum development

Sessional Instructor— [The University of British Columbia] 2014-2017
  • Creating syllabus, managing courses, instructing undergraduate and graduate students in the Faculty of Education (Media and Technology Studies courses)
  • Face-to-face instruction, online instruction (LMS or CMS systems – i.e., Connect/Canvas), blended-learning, student assessment, co-teaching with other faculty (Professors, Graduate Students, Post-Doctoral)
  • Expertise in: instructional design, curriculum design, pedagogical thinking, 21st century learning, social media, media study guides, educational technologies (hardware and software, content creation, etc.)
Course Students Mean Rating
EDUC 481 Media Studies (Across the Curriculum) Summer 2016/017 28 undergraduate / graduate students  4.8/5
EDCP 590 Graduating Paper Summer 2017 18 graduate students  N/A
EDCP 508 Review of Research in Curriculum and Pedagogy Summer 2017 18 graduate students  N/A
EDUC 450, 451, 452 Inquiry I, II, III Secondary Cohort 2016-2017 20 undergraduate students  4.5/5
EDCP 473 Digital Media in ICT Education: Ethical Issues Spring 2016 18 graduate students 4.2/5
 EDCP 470 ICT Practices in Education (21st Century Learning) Summer 2015  18 graduate students  4.6/5
EDCP 371 Integrating Design & Technology Across the Curriculum: Elementary & Middle Years Summer 2014  17 undergraduate/graduate students  4.3/5
Graduate Teaching Assistant — [The University of British Columbia] 2014-2016
  • Assist in course related activities, i.e, reading documents, preparing course readings, and technology assistant (multi-platforms, multiple devices, variety of software and apps, online blogs, websites, wikis, social media, etc.)


  • ETEC 511 Foundations of Educational Technology (100 graduate students)
  • EDCP 510 Video Ethnography in Education Research: Culture, Technology & Interpretation (9 graduate students)
  • EDCP 601a Doctoral Seminar in Curriculum and Pedagogy: History and Theory (12 graduate students)
  • EDCP 374 + 377 Design and Technology I and II: Secondary (23 undergraduate students)

Teacher — [Abbotsford School District] 2008-2014
  • BC College of Teachers certification
  • STEM education (Grades 6-8)
  • Extra-curricular: Basketball Coach, Choir/Choral Director, Drama Director, IT committee, WEB coordinator
  • Technology Leader/District Digital Ambassador (Mac and PC platforms; SMARTboard; document cameras; iPads; social media – Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.; website managing; virtual school certification)