GRSJ 300 Culture Jamming: Original Ad


The two ads that were chosen for this Culture Jamming assignment are from Suit Supply. The Dutch suit company exemplifies how our society is under the impression that sex sells. When it comes to this brand, there is no exception of degrading ads for women. The Suit Supply is known for their controversial advertisements where women are objects to amuse the men in these ads. The company’s message is quite clear; if you own one of their suits, women will get naked and have sex with you. The women in these ads are seen as sexual objects; playthings that will do anything for these rich men in suits. In these two ads, there is an aggressive, powerful stance the man has, while the women looks submissive and vulnerable. There is an obvious power dynamic that these ads are trying to portray to their consumers. They want men in society to feel that with these suits they can appear powerful. As well, the men in these ads appear successful to the average consumer. They have nice clothes, are attractive, live in a luxury home, and are surrounded by beautiful, submissive women. These images invoke a form of aspiration from their consumers; that they want to be like these men and therefore, should buy their suits.

The message to society that this is success is quite dangerous because it sets a tone on how we can treat women. It shows that society views successful men as powerful and controlling of the women in their lives. If boys and men are shown these images often, they will start believing it is normal for women to be treated this way. A man who sees these images can be inspired to act predatory, insert sexual dominance, and view women as objects just like these men. Advertisements are reflective of the society we live in which explains why it is not shocking to see all these sexual assault and abuse allegations come forward about powerful men in charge like Harvey Weinstein and Roger Ailes. In order to see a change in this behavior, we as a society cannot continue allowing these violent, dominating images work for these businesses. We have to assert the values our society represents and put our money where our mouth is; by not purchasing products from companies who show women in this way.

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