GRSJ 300 New Culture Jamming Ad

My take on the ad is to show what Suit Supply and other companies who use the “it’s a man’s world” narrative should actually do with their responsibility on society. The ad is two parts, as it shows the example of what a powerful man in a suit looks like and then next to it is an example of what a weak man in a suit looks like. The editing seen here is what I believe Suit Supply should do with their platform and advertisements. Side by side lie two men in their suits, however, only one is inspiring and he is sitting on a nice patio rooftop with a nice suit and watch. He looks strong, confident, and successful without having to assert his dominance over a half-naked woman. Then the other man is seen in a dark stairwell lifting up the skirt of a woman who looks vulnerable. To further emphasize the two different men’s action, the ad with the man alone says powerful and the ad with the man and the woman says weak. The idea of this jamming is to show that men lifting up a woman’s skirt like that would be seen as weak in our society, not powerful.

The reason I chose to do this for the jamming exercise is to make a point on the responsibility these ads hold on our society. Men and young boys see advertisements multiple times a day and internalize them. Therefore, these ads should have a good message along with the nice models and nice clothes. The message this ad is conveying is that wearing a suit and taking advantage of a woman is not acceptable, no matter how rich or successful you are. This ad shows that the successful, well-dressed men to emulate do not harass or abuse women, and those who do are weak. If our society has more advertisements with this messaging more often, there could be a change in how men and boys view women and how they think they should treat women.

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