The road to a Masters Degree has begun.

To obtain my Master’s Degree in Food Resource Economics, at the University of British Columbia I have to pass:
FRE 501 – Commodity and Price Analysis
FRE 502 – Food Market Analysis
FRE 503 – Policy Analysis for Food, Environment and Resources
FRE 515 – Agribusiness Management
FRE 525 – Environmental Economics and Policy
FRE 528 – Applied Econometrics
FRE 385 – Quantitative Methods for Business and Resource Management
FRE 540 – International Resource Economics and Development

There will be posts on this website for FRE 501 regarding our simulated trading game and for FRE 525. I will try to post work from other courses eventually but for now, this it.

Feel free to read and critique anything. I am always open to constructive feedback.

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