This blog explores an area of interest that Roger and I have strong sentiments about; the philosophy of science and critical scientific thinking. We aim to explore this in a humorous and informative way, and to discuss the nature of scientific thinking, scientific epistimology, highlight pseudo-scientific practices in healthcare and education through the discussion of differing viewpoints, and generally have some fun on the way!

The primary context for this blog are the fields of science and professional health care education as these are our own subject disciplines, and provide fertile ground to initiate and explore contemporary issues, as different perspectives abound. We hope this should give rise to stimulating social interactions. We particularly welcome content from other countries, particularly perspectives from non-western and less economically well-developed countries.

The target audience is anyone engaged in higher education in some way, particularly students studying science and professional health care studies at the undergraduate or graduate level (e.g. doctors, nurses, dentists,  physiotherapists etc.) and science education students. However, the blog is open to anyone with an interest, and all are welcome.

The blog got started with a small international collaborative project linking students in Canada, the Uk and in Zambia in 2009 to discuss questions of science. We are grateful to those original participants, and welcome anyone who has views on the nature of scientific enquiry to contribute. We are grateful for the original funding for this project, from both the University of British Columbia Teaching and Learning Enhancement Fund (TLEF) and the University of Plymouth Teaching  Fellowship Award Scheme (TFAS).

Users are also very welcome to send in ideas for links to the site, or become more active members. Just e-mail Roger or Bernie (see the contacts page).

Roger & Bernie: December 2011

Banner Image: Aurora Borealis from Space – NASA 2008