Dr. Roger Cutting,Roger Cutting
Associate Professor,
University of Plymouth,Faculty  of Education,
Devon, United Kingdom

Roger is an Associate Professor in Environmental and Science Education in the Education Faculty at the University of Plymouth in the UK. He was a lecturer in Environmental Sciences for over 12 years, an area in which he has published in a number of international science journals. He became increasingly interested in the teaching of science generally, but has a particular interest in how we teach controversial issues in science. He is a research fellow in the Centre for Sustainable Futures and Programme Leader for the Masters in Learning for Sustainability.

Bernie Plays Airbus CaptainDr. Bernie Garrett,
Associate Professor,
University of British Columbia
School of Nursing
Vancouver, Canada

Bernie is an Associate Professor at the University of British Columbia, School of Nursing. He has a PhD in information Science and a range of teaching and clinical experience from medical and renal nursing practice in the U.K. For the last eight years has been working in the field of educational technology at UBC. His interests are in the use of science in professional health education, application of adaptive systems in education, social networking in education, m-health, m-learning and e-learning. Prior to his current appointment Bernie worked at Oxford Brookes University School of Health and Social Care in the UK.

2 thoughts on “Contacts

  1. Hello Both!!

    It was great to meet Bernie at NET in cambridge today. I will surely keep following this ‘tosh’ as Bernie called it with great interest.

    As Roger knows, this ;stuff; s dear to my heart and the two bits of ‘blurb’ that I have just presented have, I hope, added something to the debate about who should be teaching nurses their science.

    Have you read ‘It’s not rocket science’ by Ben Miller? I never thought that astrophysics and quantum could make me laugh but I spent most of last weekend in fits of giggles. definitely worth a read.


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