My year in music—E Wayne’s Faves of 2009

I used to post about music much more often to WTBHNN, don’t really know why I haven’t done so lately, but thought I write up a my thoughts about what I spent my time listening to in 2009. I continued the 2008 trend of listening to internet radio, particularly SOMA FM‘s Groove Salad (almost nightly), […]

Rock & Rap Confidential … just exactly why do we need the music industry?

From Rock & Rap Confidential: JUST EXACTLY WHY DO WE NEED THE MUSIC INDUSTRY?… Fred Wilhelms writes: I have a good friend, Jon Newton, who for the past couple years, has graciously provided me, through his website a place to stand and swing at the evils of the music business.  Jon has teamed up […]

Best of 2006 in music

Here’s my yearly list of the best albums I’ve found this year. It would be more accurate to call this my a list of my favorites, I don’t really claim these are the “best”, rather these are the albums/tracks that I played the most throughout the year. [If you’re into Top Ten+ lists, has […]