“Copy our music”

BBC: ‘Copy our music’ urges rock band A new rock group featuring former members of The Clash and Generation X has taken a novel approach to the issue of piracy by urging their fans to copy their music. Carbon Silicon make all their recordings freely available online, and actively encourage bootlegging or filming of their […]

Students and Teachers! The Unasked Question: Why Have School?

Rich Gibson, guest blogger, asks Why Have School? Dear Students and School Workers, Perhaps you can challenge your friends, teachers, and colleagues, or maybe torment the worst one, with a little exercise I use at the beginning of every class: Why have school? Why are we here? I ask that question in class one, advising […]

Thirty Records About America—A Mixtape

I used to post quite a bit about music here on the Where The Blog Has No Name, so please excuse the interruption of blogs on education and politics. I’ve slowly been working my way through Bob Dylan’s Complete Album Collection Vol. 1 the past year while reading Bob Dylan: Writings 1968-2010 by Greil Marcus. […]

Why paying teachers for student test scores is a bad idea

While everyone in British Columbia is paying attention to the teachers’ strike, the Fraser Institute launched its latest effort to marketize education. This week the Fraser Institute, a neoliberal think tank, released a report promoting incentivized pay for teachers. Teacher Incentive Pay That Works, summarizes 10 “case studies” from around the globe, which the Fraser […]

Public funding of private schools is at odds with democracy

Public funding for private schools is at odds with creating a more equitable, just, and democratic society. It is a policy that almost always privileges families with more disposable income over the less wealthy and poor and often privileges religious education over secular education. Moreover, public funding of private schools supports a two-tiered system of […]

Adam Renner Education for Social Justice Lecture at Rouge Forum 2014

Rouge Forum 2014 runs from June 5-7 at Metropolitan State University of Denver. Check out the details here. Every year the Rouge Forum honors the life and work of Adam Renner (August 18, 1970 – December 19, 2010) by inviting a critical scholar, educator, or activist to deliver the Adam Renner Education for Social Justice […]

CFP: Educate, Agitate, Organize! Teacher Resistance Against Neoliberal Reforms

Educate, Agitate, Organize! Teacher Resistance Against Neoliberal Reforms Call for Manuscripts Special Issue of Workplace: A Journal for Academic Labor Guest Editors: Mark Stern, Colgate University Amy Brown, University of Pennsylvania Khuram Hussain, Hobart and William Smith Colleges I can tell you with confidence, one year later [from the Measure of Progress test boycott in Seattle […]