GRSJ300 Culture Jam Assignment_RuiXuan Zhang



This ad advertises wine that is produced by Skyy. As there are a number of ways to advertise wine, I think it is unnecessary for an alcohol ad to include a woman in bikini, which highlights her boobs’ large size and body shape, and a man who uses his legs to trap the woman underneath him. The ad associates alcohol with sex and implies that men are superior to women through three ways. First, the man traps the woman, which implies that men have the power to restrict women. Second, the man is standing while the woman is lying down on the ground, which implies that men have the power to control women and look down upon women. Third, the man wears a formal suit and the woman wears a bikini, which shows that women need to wear fewer clothes and use their bodies to attract men and men are not expected to show their shapes or muscles to attract women. The ad shows gender inequality and conveys the message that the use of Skyy wine will help men to get appealing women and maintain their superior position. Based on the interpretation of the ad, women may love Skyy wine to an extent that they are willing to do anything to get Skyy wine. Like the natural sky reflected on the woman’s sunglasses, Skyy wine may provide drinkers with comfort and enjoyment. As these ads are shown to everyone, inappropriate social messages, such as men are superior to women, should not be contained.



The culture jammed version still tries to promote Skyy wine, but it highlights the injurious social message of the ad. As the woman in the ad is lying down, looking at the man through a bottom up angle and she cannot move because she is trapped by the man’s legs, I added a red tongue to her mouth and it sticks out to express her desire for either Sky wine or the man in a sexual way. Then, I added a line in pink to the top of the ad, which is around the man’s upper body. It looks like a line said by the man, although his shoulder and head are not shown. I intentionally made the line pink because the color may bring some romantic and sexual tone to the sentence. The wording “Hey girl, I know you want it” corresponds to the woman’s tongue action and the pronoun “it” may be referred to either Skyy wine or sex. The man holds a bottle of Skyy wine and two glasses, which means that he hopes to share the bottle with the woman and Skyy wine can turn both of them on so that they will feel excited and joyful while having sex intercourse after drinking. By nature, there is not a direct link between wine and sex, but, somehow, wine is often related to sex in the contemporary society. Even if it is widely acceptable for wine and sex to always go together, the ad should not convey the injurious social message that says men are superior to women. Gender inequality should not be promoted through commercial ads.