Welcome to Sunaina Assanand’s course website for PSYC 305A, PSYC 320, PSYC 417A, and PSYC 417B. This is a central location where you’ll find course syllabi, lecture materials, program information, grades, and more for Personality Psychology (Psychology 305A), Psychology of Gender and Sex Differences (Psychology 320), Psychology and Developing Societies(Psychology 417A), and Witnessing Auschwitz: The Psychology of Genocide(Psychology 417B).

If you are a student in one of these courses, you can obtain relevant course materials by selecting the appropriate link in the above menus. Please note that you will require the password provided in class in order to access some of these materials.

Sunaina Assanand is a faculty member in the Department of Psychology. Her scholarly interests include Cultural Psychology, Gender Psychology, and the application of Psychology to community and international development.

In addition to her role in the Department of Psychology, Sunaina is Associate Dean, Student Success, for the Faculty of Arts. In this capacity, she engages in initiatives related to international student support and oversees international learning and research opportunities for undergraduate students. Contact.

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