Welcome to Issues in Scholarly Communication 2011

Welcome to Issues in Scholarly Communication (LIBR 559) 2011! To view the course blog for 2009, go to http://blogs.ubc.ca/libr559l/

The course description can be found here: http://www.slais.ubc.ca/courses/coursdes/libr/libr559k.htm

In brief, this class will provide an overview of the transformation of scholarly communication that is taking place, and the opportunities arising for librarians, archivists, and for society as a whole. There will be some lab time to learn how to create the class journal using OJS and at least one assignment will be submitted via a test space within UBC’s cIRcle institutional repository. There is a term paper and presentation (usually on the same topic), as well as a couple of brief assignments.  Details about the paper and presentation and a wiki sign-up sheet are posted here.

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