Positive response.

I love our Pingdom account it’s great for monitoring performance and notifying of you if there are server problems.

This is an interesting graphic from Pingdom our response times have dropped in half since Jan 27, 2010 . There could be many contributing factors network activity, server load etc for this.


I think the real reason was we dropped some mu plugins on that date:


WPMU-Topposts was a total hog. I noticed a drop in CPU use immediately upon removing. It was basically writing to the db every time a page was opened and sorting several million records to determine which blog was popular, a cool feature on the homepage to show the most popular blogs but who cares if it is making the server sluggish…

Or it could have been a magical network change, who knows as long as the curve is not going up that quickly I am happy.

3 thoughts on “Positive response.

  1. Scott McMillan Post author

    Hi Jim,
    Not sure about wpmufeed.php I killed it because no one was using it. Top posts could probably be improved and it would be Ok but we basically had two years of recording so it was slow just because of the numbers, would be easy to fix (just cron something to delete the records). I just thought it was easier to delete it. I think in our next theme we will have something similar just try to tweak it so it is more scalable.

    I should have done a proper test but was lazy.


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