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Geo Privacy

Well back in the day when I was doing my undergrad “Geomatics” electives they talked about the GPS revolution and how some day all devices will be geo aware and every building etc will be geo referenced. Ten years later this is very close to reality. This months Wired discusses the “GPS Revolution”. The author of the article tries to test all the top geo apps for the iPhone and Android. Many of the new apps are location aware and many users don’t think to much about their “Geo Footprint” when they download and install. The implications of a publicly available “Geo Footprint” in my opinion are quite frightening. The author described how people would just show up to pubs/restaurants because they noticed he was there etc which seemed like an invitation to people but it wasn’t… His wife also freaked because she did not want people to know when she was home alone while he was out of the country on business. These are stalkers dream apps.

As CEO of Sun Scott McNeally put it nine years earlier “You have zero privacy anyway”, “Get over it”.

We seem to be over it and for those who are not over it well… you better get some skills and start thinking about every action take online if you want to hide and limit your personal exposure.