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French police commit to Open Source. Why can’t Education?

So the French Police can commit to Open Source, pretty much every internet co in the top 20 can but educational institutions… no dice…

Since 2004, he says that the Gendarmerie has saved up to €50 million on licensing and maintenance costs as a result of the migration strategy.

How much would UBC save? I would really, really like to see that dollar amount, it would be significant. From web servers to Eval tools, LMS, web servers, Oracle, to desktops how much is spent. Whole governments can move to OS why can’t a University?

Imagine how many of the top internet cos would not exist if they were smothered at startup in licensing fees (imaging putting Oracle licenses on 100 DB servers….) and being “locked” in to a company. Google would literally not exist today.

Brian keep fighting the good fight.

via: Arstechnica

Update found the TCO for University of Florida for Blackboard CMS over three years estimated at 3 million (Licensing, Infrastructure and HR). That could go along way with contributions to Moodle or Sakai

Richard Stallman talks on Campus

Richard Stallman
Richard Stallman the free software prophet is on campus the next three days worth seeing.

“Free Software in Ethics and in Practice”
Friday, February 6, 2009, 12:30pm – 2:00pm,
Room 101/102/201, George F. Curtis Law Building, 1822 East Mall, UBC
Sponsored by the UBC Faculty of Law

“Copyright vs. Community in the Age of Computer Networks”
Friday, February 6, 2009, 7:30 pm,
The Maritime Labour Centre, 1880 Triumph Street, Vancouver
Sponsored by SFU Institute for the Humanities, Vancouver Fair Copyright
Coalition, and Free Geek Vancouver

“The Free Software Movement”
Saturday, February 7, 8:15pm,
Lecture Hall Number 2, Woodward Instructional Resources Centre, UBC
Sponsored by the Vancouver Institute and the UBC Faculty of Law