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The “Internet of Things” and Education Tech

The “internet of things” is really taking of right now. Being led by RFID and web syndication technologies like RSS. Read Write Web has a good post on five companies working on the this up and coming field.

A lot of interesting potential uses for Edutech the obvious being Student access and attendance verification? Any other ideas? Seems like a lot of potential and with services like Pachube, Tikitag touchatag and seemingly easy to develope. Anyone want to work on something?

The Geotech example from Pachube on that page where you could place an RFID device on a water well which will update a website on the level status hit home because I know a lot of people who do just that no need for the enviro-tech to drive out to Langley in that scenario … replaced by a 10 cent RFID, kind of sad I guess but that is progress.

Remember that crazy scene in Minority Report when Tom Cruise is running through the mall and the Advertisements are targeting him… it is pretty close to being a reality which is cool and VERY SCARY because our privacy will be invaded even further.