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2009 Resolutions

Work resolutions that is… life resolutions include the normal things lose weight, climb 5.13, do a 3:30 Test of Metal blah, blah, blah… will post that on endurancejunky.com.

  1. Get everyone in our group to start using some sort of project management software… we have a license for Basecamp which no one uses as well as Active Collab would make the programmers more efficient.
  2. Do more security testing… WordPress plugins scare me haven’t been testing them thoroughly.
  3. Program more. Before starting at the OLT I programmed a lot and I liked it, makes my brain feel good. Now I do little programming mostly upgrading software, support, fixing other peoples code… Even if it is just a few plugins I will be happy.
  4. Learn Python and Django, I think Rails sucks. Python has a history, Python is used by Google, it’s used in science it has to be good.
  5. Write some certification exams Linux, MySQL and PHP etc. I know them pretty well after 8 years of using but never bothered writing the exams, might as well read the exam guides and get the letters “employers” like those things will sharpen skills also.
  6. Create one rock solid Web App that the greater open education community will use I have the idea have to convince the boss to let me work on it.
  7. Write better documentation.
  8. Go to a conference somewhere…