As an Associate Professor of Climatology at the University of British Columbia, I study why the climate matters to society as well as ecosystems like coral reefs. My group’s work provides insight into the causes and effects of climate change, public attitudes, policy options at home and abroad, and what can be done to adapt.

Being a scientist, I am fortunate to have the opportunity to engage our curiosity about the natural world for a living. With that opportunity, comes responsibility. As an Aldo Leopold Leadership Fellow and a Google Science Communication Fellow, I am committed to bridging the gap between the academia and the real world. I regularly participate in public events, comment on radio and television, and maintain the blog Maribo.

Want to help? We crowd-source the funding for coral reef monitoring in the Pacific Island nation of Kiribati. All funds are used on local expenses, including stipends for i-Kiribati divers and boat hires.