3rd last day of 1st term re cap

(Note: I don’t write much about class because other things are more fun to write about)

  1. I slept early last night but woke up tired. Oh sleep debt…
  2. I did not have my knowledge together for my Chem quiz in the morning. I don’t want to relive that.
  3. We had a substitute chemistry professor who I loved. Prof MacLachlan. He talked to us about his research which include iridescent material and cellulose nano crystals. Cool! He was super energetic which was nice to watch when all my body wanted to do was return to my bed.
  4. Lunch with Misaki in the Nest – She said she’ll never get chicken noodle soup ever again.
  5. We took pictures at the photo booth. (Oops I can’t remember what cause the photo booth was fundraising for though…)   Made awkward poses. Hope the pictures turned out well.
  6. English – We got our Rhetorical Analyses back today. I realized that I wrote some pretty dumb things. Hindsight is always 20/20.
  7. Andy grabbed me and Alyssa to go see the A&W commercial man filming on campus. That was our celebrity sighting of the day.
  8. As usual, Andy glanced over this blog and wanted to know why he’s not mentioned more often.
  9. Disappointed in myself for not getting much done after class 🙁 We had to get up and move a lot of time. That was really disruptive to my writing flow haha. I’m so easily distracted and unproductive after class nowadays. I got to fix this. 🙁
  10. Surprised to learn something totally awesome about my friend today. Good luck girl!
  11. My Big let me know about this super quiet and comfy and totally awesome study spot that I want to try out! (Hopefully with her) My Big never ceases to be awesome. I got to meet Big’s ‘bae” today.  So that make him my Big in law? I don’t know…
  12. Freshly baked cookie Yay!
  13. I visited my Alpha Omicron Pi girls today at their fundraiser for Kidsafe (an organization that provides after school programming to children, technically “at-risk” children but I don’t agree with the use of the word “at-risk” – which is a story for another day). Lots of hugs with girls. I missed them!!
  14. Photos with Santa
  15. Shinnie ate a cookie that she claimed she will die if she doesn’t learn where to get more of them.
  16. Fraternity boys sang Christmas carols. They were off-tune but we could sense the effort.  Boys, please leave  “You’re Beautiful” to James Blunt.
  17. I love Christmas carols. Shinnie and I sang along. My favourites include: Last Christmas I gave you my heart, All I want for Christmas is You.
  18. Shinnie and Lisa wanted me to pinky-swear that I’ll re-join AOII in the spring. I take my pinky-swears really seriously so I couldn’t pinky swear. I really want to be with them more though.  Missing the sisterly love <3
  19. Had to turn down their invite to go out tonight in order to go home and work on my paper.
  20. Watched an episode of Oh My Venus while eating dinner: strong female lead inspires me
  21. Reading on selection bias, espeically survivorship bias.  https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Survivorship_bias
  22. Blogging in the middle of the night.
  23. Back to my English paper!

Have a great end of the last week of classes!!

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