Birthday destress

During the end of the semester,

  • Your To-Do list is long. You complete a ton but each day adds new items to your to-do list – which can be discouraging.
  • You’ve been studying really hard for midterms. Learning is great but studying for hours can drain you of energy.
  • You’ve been putting aside socializing, exercising, eating well, sleep because time is tight.
  • A combination of dreary weather and working really hard and being tough to yourself and not getting as much human connection as you would like makes even the most optimistic feel exhausted and burned out.
  • You might ask yourself, “Why am I trying so hard? What’s the point” and it’s easier to fall into negative self-talk.

This is how a birthday picks you right up. I felt motivated to wake up early and study efficiently so that I could totally devote my attention and time to my friends. I got reminded to take a break to recharge my battery. I laughed so hard when I got a text from my cousin to take a break from studying and go have a fun birthday. He knows me too well.

I remembered how lucky I am to have such supportive friends and family reading birthday wishes in messages and lovely cards. They’ve been helping me each in their own way to help me achieve things that I could not achieve on my own, to support me emotionally  during hard times and who I share the lessons they’ve learned from life with me. I treasure having them in my life and I will strive to as supportive a friend in return.I wish to stay friends for a long time and catch where we left off every time we meet up.

This is a wise quote from Susanna, “Uni and life is hard but we got friends who care about each other to help us get through it.”  Susanna is always right.

Thank you to everyone who has been a part of my life journey so far!

(Edit: I’ve now removed the group photo. )




One thought on “Birthday destress”

  1. Finally found you Shanna!!!!!!! Looks like you had a wonderful birthday! I’ve actually read some of your posts over the summer before joining the blog squad and your posts are really great!!

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