I’m going to meet Scott Young!!!

I am so excited that I’m going to meet someone I deeply admire! Scott Young is an author and blogger who writes about productivity and self-mastery. I’ve subscribed to his blog for quite some time now and now I’m going to meet him on my birthday. If you’re interested in learning how to learn and career development, check out Scott’s blog at http://www.scotthyoung.com/blog/

Now if I could also meet Cal Newport, Leo B from ZenHabits, LadyKayMD, Andrea Tooley, Cassey Ho and … (this list goes on and on )

As my birthday is coming quickly around the corner, my friends have been asking me what I want and what I want to do to celebrate. I’ve often replied, “Nothing.” My ideal birthday doesn’t involve any gifts or fancy night out. I really don’t need any things. In fact, I believe that I need to live with less. Things don’t make me happy. Having more things can make me unhappy because things can become clutter and once I have things, I’ll want more things. Once I want things, the wanting never stops. So for my birthday, I don’t want material items or money being wasted. My ideal birthday would involve:

  • Spending time with those that I care about. Perhaps over a meal,  or casually chatting over snacks at home, or teasing each other and laughing and the laughter becoming white puffs  in the chilly autumn air, or doing laundry together with my mom. That’s what I like.
  • Spending time quietly to reflect on the last year of my life that has gone by. Perhaps while all cozy with a notebook and pen or while sweating it out on a nice long run in the early morning.
  • Time writing writing and writing
  • Relaxing because I know that all my studying and homework is already be (mostly) done
  • As much I love people, I feel like I haven’t had much time to myself nowadays. I’m thankful that I’m constantly surrounded by a bright, cheerful, caring, loyal and supportive crowd of family and friends but I need a break to stop and think about who I’ve been this past year and what kind of person I want to be to this world for the next year.

A preview of this upcoming week: (sorry for all the abbreviations.)

  • LEAP Launch Party and Orientation at the Arts Club Theatre on Granville Island tomorrow. I have to get to sleep after I’m done writing this!
  • Time with my favourite
  • Study time with my best friend (Best Friends Forever!! )
  • Lots and lots of studying and prepping for meetings etc
  • A light workout
  • Lunch with my Big
  • Physics quiz.
  • LEAP first session at BMO Theatre Centre, which means that I have to miss RD crew appreciation that evening. That’s too bad because I really want to see the crew. I could stop by after LEAP but that would be pretty late and I should probably go home instead.
  • Volunteering as a sighted guide for VocalEye AGM meeting downtown.
  • Math quiz
  • Research meeting at HVEM
  • One of those brutal 9-5 non-stop Fridays… sigh. But I love Chem lab so I’ll have something to look forward to.
  • Need to prep for REX meeting

Then it’ll be next weekend. I think this week is going to fly by.

Hope you all are going to amazing weekends!


What does family mean to you?

As today was the first day after all my midterms finished, I wasted time relaxed was by watching part of a drama series called “Seoyoung, My Daughter“. I had a master plan to catch up and get ahead on readings but Seoyoung, My Daughter really hooked me in.  The story of Seoyoung, My Daughter has so much emotional impact that I teared up multiple times. The complicated relationship between the daughter, son and father brings up questions such as

  • whether love for your family can truly be unconditional
  • when do you choose morals over personal happiness and when do you put happiness first
  • are you responsible for the mistakes (e.g. gigantic debt)  of your loved ones
  • What do I value in life? and in what order? specifically of family, love, career, money
  • Is money that important?  (This story proposes that money is both important and unimportant.)
  • If you always make morally upright decision, why do you always get the short end of the stick in life?
  • how many more times can these actors make me cry?

Morals of the story:

  • All lies will unravel. The truth will always come out.
  • Life is full of tough decisions
  • AND everyone does things that hurt others
  • Those who love you will love you nonetheless
  • Parents love their children unconditionally
  • Children love their parents
  • People don’t always show their love obviously but it doesn’t mean that they don’t care and love you.
  • Love is caring for them, wanting them to live well. The simple things like eating enough, sleeping enough, being warm, not being sick, hurt, sad.
  • Live how you want to live. Don’t let pressure from your parents, spouse, siblings, society dictate the way you live if that way of life makes you miserable.
  • Letting go of bitterness from the past will allow you to be happy.
  • You can choose to be happy.
  • Being rich doesn’t guarantee happiness.
  • There are times when you just can’t change the situation and you lose.
  • Take one for the team.
  • Don’t be greedy. You feel happy if you’re satisfied with what you have. If you always want more, you’ll never be happy.
  • If someone has emotional scars, don’t force them to talk about it. Everyone deserves to keep something to themselves.
  • Siblings are the best and will be there for you through thick and thin.
  • People have their reasons. Seek to understand before you judge.

A question that I keep asking myself is why do I like this story so much. I think it’s because I identify with the struggles of the characters very well. Family is extremely important to me. Just like the twins, I would do almost anything for my little brother because he’s my brother and I love him. Though I don’t always agree with my dad, I love him too. I cried so much when the mother died. (Not a spoiler since she dies right at the beginning).

In my opinion, this story captured the complicated unbreakable nature of family love well but the romantic love portrayed was unrealistically.

Readers, what do you think about family? 

I’m thankful to go to university, workouts, saving food $, free gym



This week in the life included a lot of:

  • Midterms, quizzes and assignments (especially that English essay proposal!) due. I felt miserable at several points during the week but I try to stop myself. I must always remember how lucky I am to have the opportunity to obtain post-secondary education and learn so much from the best and be surrounded by people driven to learn. I’ve always dreamed of attending university and I’m grateful that being an university student is my present reality.
  • Misaki, Veena, Kevin, Chanon for being the best this week. THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Exercise. Yay for free gym!
  • A bowl of rice and various snacks from home each day to save time and $$$$ because I was on campus almost everyday past 9 and campus food is overpriced. My friends giggled because I brought my rice cold in a bowl several days. Apparently, they’ve never anyone bring rice in Corning bowls before. Before you try the same thing, I must warn you that these bowls break much easier than your plastic sandwich boxes so be super careful! DO NOT make the mistake of eating all of your rice by lunch like I did on Wednesday. DO NOT DO NOT because after your meeting ends at 9, you will open your wallet to realize that you literally do not have enough money to buy yourself something to eat and you will have wished that you had more self-control earlier.
  • Canadian Liver Foundation’s Coffeehouse fundraiser Friday night. Some of the performers had such beautiful voices.  My friend who is super amazing is on the leadership for CLF.
  • Facetime with one of the best of the best, who listened patiently to me ramble for over a hour and a half and offered incredible advice.
  • Cooked a ton of teriyaki chicken wings and siu choy and rice for me and my brother. If you’re looking for a quick to cook and easy meal, chicken wings and siu choy are a good bet.
  • Everyone trying to lock Andy out of the study rooms throughout the week.


So grateful to have this one as a friend. <3

Alpha Omicron Pi at Pride of Panhellenic. Thank you all for your kind words ladies!

Veena and I worked more than once this week despite how insanely busy this week was. If you prioritize fitness, you can fit in workouts no matter how busy you are. We were SO sore after a workout including tons of squats and lunges that sitting down to study in the library was a little painful. I remind myself that pain today builds strength for tomorrow! Our first workout: 10-15 min running as cardio warm-up, machines to work on shoulders and chest, free weights to work on arms and legs. Second workout using Blogilates Youtube videos: 15 min on abs and a High Intensity Interval total body strength and cardio. We found a gym that is FREE on campus. We hope to work out more from now on.


I love 0.35 mm pens because they allow you to write really small. and are perfect for making review sheets.



Research on Greek-letter socieities

As I’m working on a research proposal for my English class, I’ve read more about Greek-letter societies the last week than I’ve ever read my entire life. I literally have twenty tabs open to various academic papers addressing the impacts of Greek system affiliation on academic performance, leadership development, alcohol use, body image and a range of other college experiences and outcomes. These are really interesting to read because different studies contradict each other’s findings and there is still so much up for debate. To be honest, I was very surprised to find the amount of academic research I found conducted on sorority and fraternity involvement. I knew that sororities and fraternities are a controversial topic, especially now that the idea of banning Greek-letter societies from  all college campuses has been become a hot topic, but didn’t realize that there is a wealth of academic research on the effects of fraternity and sorority membership!

I went to the Education library  in Neville Scarfe the other day to check out some books on my topic and was a silly first year unable to locate the section that my books were located in. I went to the circulation desk with a sheepish smile and fortunately the librarian was super nice and helped me find the books. If you have no idea a section of books are in one of the many libraries on campus, don’t hesitate to ask for help!

Two books that are interesting reads are Pledged: the Secret life of sororities and Inside Greek U: Fraternities, Sororities, and the Pursuit of Pleasure, Power, and Prestige. While I don’t agree with the views expressed in the books, both will provoke questions. Alexandra Robbins, the author of Pledged, received a lot of hate for her book from sorority members and alumni because her books paints sorority life as an experience marked by substance abuse, psychological abuse, sexual abuse, racism, violence, eating disorders and promiscuity. Alan Desantis potrays a a similar view of Greek life in Inside Greek U.

(Random interruption: Our cat is stretched out on the floor and is staring at me intently. )

End of October


This Sunday, the sisters of Alpha Omicron Pi successfully raised money for the Arthritis Society through the charity soccer tournament “Score Out Arthritis” and selling lots of baked goods. More money was raised through bake sales that we’ve been holding in the Nest, the place where lots of UBC students hang out and eat lunch.

If you want to help a good cause, specifically the BC Children’s Hospital, and love a good scare, go to Sigma Chi’s Haunted House this Thursday or Friday evening. It’ll be in Greek Village, which is close to the ice rink and the field. Admission is minimum donation of $5. I’ll be there Friday evening with some friends after our Chemistry lab. I know I really really need to study but I firmly believe that every student deserves a night off to celebrate Halloween. That said, I feel pained to stay in on Halloween night itself but I’m going to have to because I have a midterm next Monday and next Tuesday. Halloween is one of my favourite times of the year because I love wearing and seeing other people wear costumes, watching scary movies and visiting haunted houses with my friends, and handing out candy. *sigh* There’s always next year.


The TAs in the Math Learning Centre were really helpful when I needed help before my math midterm. So if you need help, try dropping by in the LSK building. I didn’t do as well on my math midterm as I hoped to do and I was pretty sad. I have to figure out a better way to study math. What I’ve been doing before is not good enough. I’ll have to figure out a better way and study better for the final. If you have any tips on how to study calculus, please leave your comments below. I’d love to hear from you.

I’ve been working more on my paper but stopped now to study for my upcoming physics midterm. (eek!)

Sorority Life: 

Big-Little Reveal and Pledge Ceremony happened. I also ate dinner with my new “family” consisting of my Big, grand Big, “twin” sister, and my Big’s grand little and great grand little.  The family is hard to explain. I loved meeting the girls and felt an immediate connection because everyone is so easy-going and just totally awesome. <3


Have a wonderful Halloween!



Play soccer to support the Arthritis Society Oct 25

12088437_10153657712943430_1482373781487179462_n“WHAT IS SCORE OUT ARTHRITIS?
Get out your athletic gear for some friendly competition! Score Out Arthritis is Alpha Omicron Pi’s signature philanthropy event, a 6v6 indoor soccer tournament fundraising for the The Arthritis Society. Each game will be 15 minutes long and teams must consist of 6-8 players. You are more than welcomed to put in more than one team!

Sunday, October 25th 11AM-3PM at the Student Rec Centre.

Anyone! This event is open to the public, with guaranteed spots for Greek organizations.

The sisters of Alpha Omicron Pi will be preparing lots and lots of baked goods! Bring some cash and munch on desserts for a good cause. We will also have auction items, which we will be launching on this event page leading up to the event.

There is limited spacing for teams, so please e-mail our Philanthropy Chair, Nao Fujiwara, at philanthropy@aoiiubc.com as soon as possible to secure a spot in the tournament. The registration fee is $80 per team and must be paid by October 21st. All proceeds will go towards the The Arthritis Society – BC & Yukon Division.  ”

If you email Nao, please let know her know that you heard about our fundraiser from AOII sister Shanna Yeung’s blog!  <3

Hope to see you all support this Arthritis Society fundraiser October 25!

Two midterms done & Campus Food

Artwork in the bathroom. Credit to Leah Schimdt.

Artwork in the bathroom. Art is everywhere. You just need to look! Credit to Leah Schimdt.


I purposely avoid buying food on campus too often to save money. I usually bring snacks or an extra meal from home but today I splurged and bought food.

An awesome girl I know works at Bubble Waffle so if you ever crave Hong Kong Style bubble waffle, bubble tea, curry fishballs or hot soup and noodles, go to Bubble Waffle!

While we’re talking about food, I shared a box of sushi from Bento Sushi (next to the Sauder building) with a friend because we wanted some food in our stomachs before the chem midterm. The sushi wasn’t the best I ever had and it was pricey. I doused  my sushi with wasabi and soy sauce. However, two of our other friends got teriyaki chicken bowls and those looked pretty good.

While we’re on the topic of food, I burned my tongue with a hot drink. Be careful with hot drinks everyone!


My first Biology and Chemistry midterms are now over! In my mind, I was expecting these midterms to be mammoth but they were actually short.

Sorority Life

I missed Pledge ceremony and Big-Little Reveal tonight. I hurried to the chapter room soaked from the rain and looking like a beautiful disheveled mess but I don’t get to find out who my Big sister is until Monday. Ahhhhhh I really want to know who she is! Something I looked forward to most is having a big sister who will be both a close friend and a  mentor. There are no girls close to my age in my family. Even ALL (seriously ALL) of my cousins are male. Although I love my cousins a lot and have them to thank for introducing me to road hockey, horror movies and R.L. Stine, cars built for speed, I really wanted to experience what it is like to have sisters!

Happy Thursday everyone!

Midterms and pictures

I came out of my Bio midterm Monday morning feeling like I studied as much I possibly could have and whatever I get is representative of the hardest I could have tried. For me, knowing this is the best possible I could have done is enough. I just wrote a Physics test that felt alright too. If you’re a first year like me who feels like you’re studying so hard and have no idea when you’ve studied enough, remember: if you put in the effort, you’ll be just fine. Remember to take breaks to eat, sleep, and relax with your friends and family!

I have a chemistry midterm tomorrow night so instead of writing today, I share some pictures with you all to recap how first year has been this past while:

AOII Bid Day
AOII Bid Day
photo (4)
Long morning commutes means that sometimes you deserve a nap after a tiring day. Warning: Your loving friends may decorate your arm with some highlighter smiley faces.
Ramen with one of my best friends ever to recharge after a chemistry lab- before studying for our bio midterm together. Yay for best friends!!
Ramen with one of my best friends ever to recharge after a chemistry lab- before studying for our bio midterm together. Yay for best friends!!
Lunch on a typical Tuesday
Lunch on a typical Tuesday. Everyone looks so focused but I think R and B were playing a game. 😉

Don’t let midterms crush you – go crush them!

Have a lovely rest of the week,


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