Getting ready to go back to school

Things I’ve been thinking about:

If you’re actively trying to pave a path to your dream career, you are happy to climb the little obstacles to get there.  

Today, one of my best friends, Veena, had a birthday party during which there was a lot of “wow schools starts again in just over a week!” and “back to the study grind!”. Veena and I had the same thought and glanced at each other at the same time and had a little laugh since we have been studying for our MCAT most of the summer. Yet we don’t regret it at all and we would sacrifice our summer all over again in a heartbeat because we choose to do this to chase our dreams. 🙂

Dreams are allowed to change one day, and I am going to stay open to embracing changes. 

As much I’m really determined to reach my current dream, I watched this video by Dr. Tooley and was reminded that it’s okay to have your goals change as you mature and learn more about yourself. Watch that video here: This past week, I’ve been asked multiple times about what I see myself doing 20 years from now, and of the times I mention I am interested in medicine, I always get asked what kind of doctor I want to be. People usually want a speciality as an answer. I want to 1) first cross the hurdle of getting into medicine and 2) be open to trying different specialities in rotations because you never know until you’ve tried!  Instead of saying a speciality, I would rather say there are traits & a work life and home life that I am envisioning for my life 20 years down the road instead. For example, a doctor that is committed to making patients feel like they are being listened to, feels comfortable with the skills and knowledge expected me for my level of training at the point, feel like my job is helping people and has meaning, a work environment with colleagues that support each other. In my personal life, I envision having a husband and children, settled in a neighbourhood that we’ll be living in for a while (as opposed to be temporarily living in a town for a few months or 1 year for training and constantly moving around). I bet that a good number of things I have just said will change as things happen to me and I grow and experience another 20 years of living.

I need to learn what is essential and what is not, and prioritize accordingly. 

I’ve been listening to the audiobook, “Essentialism”, as I walk to the bus stop, etc . It’s really made me start to think about how I can identify what is most important in my life and what things should I start saying no to.

I look forward to being a full time student again. 

The summer’s been fun but I look forward to the student life of classes, studying with friends, club activities, and all the other awesomeness of being a university student!Plus, I try to always remember that I am privileged to be a student whose main job is to study and learn!

Side note: I forgot that textbooks are very expensive. 

I seem to forget this every year. Booklists are out! I tried to hunt down my Pathology textbook on various used textbooks sites and Facebook groups but in the end, I’ve resorted to ordering the Pathology textbook brand new since the new textbook just came out. I figured that it’s better to buy the new version so that it will be easier for me to re-sell when I’m done the class. I am SO excited for my Pathology course in Semester 1!



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