Lessons learned from midterms


Lessons learned:
– Don’t nap right before a math exam. You need to be quick and alert. I should have warmed up my responses instead. Seriously, don’t nap.
– I really need to work on my response speed when doing math questions. When preparing for the next midterm, I should do practice tests under timed conditions.
– I should also do any practice questions in general under 8 minutes.
– Learn shortcuts to do math with.
– Save time to check my work during math exam!!
– Specifically I had trouble identifying the pattern when given a series of numbers. I only found the pattern when I wrote out the series in full.

– On my next bacteria and virology, details details details. What if ___ or if this disease___ were common questions.
-If I ever take a class with Dr. Kion, I’ll fine comb through slides. Her slides contained all the  minutiae details that were tested. I don’t know if this will apply to bac/vir because we have different professors for bac and vir

– Next time I only have 3 and half hours, I should just stay on campus instead leaving. I did a 45 min light run at home but if I wore runners and non-jeans, I could work out at school instead before my exam. In addition, I would have enjoyed reading a book for my English class before my exam

One thought on “Lessons learned from midterms”

  1. Hey Shanna,

    Thank YOU for making this post and a few other posts relating to midterm season. I have a rough week with midterm exams and it is internally draining me. After reading your posts, I feel that I am not alone and I am glad you shared your experiences to others including me 🙂

    Good luck!

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