Nando’s Chicken

I think it’s normal to feel completely drained after writing several final exams. I felt guilty about not studying for the next final after finishing a final but just as it’s important to study, it’s important to rest. Veena and I went to Nando’s Chicken after writing late afternoon final exams. We ordered humus, lemon and herb wings, medium spicy chicken legs and Peri Peri fries.


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I’ve been conflicted about what to write on this blog lately. My original task was as part of UBC Blog Squad, to blog about the first year of university experience. Generally, that meant writing diary-style posts about what happened during an average week and writing advice posts relating to the university experience (e.g. study tips). Now that I’m in my second year, I feel like this blog should have more of a focus but I don’t know what to focus on.

  • I love collecting study tips and sharing my notes here with you all. Those posts according to Google Analytics seems the posts most popular among you lovely readers. Yet, I don’t believe I’m qualified to be a study guru.
  • As easy as it would be just my blog a diary,  that would not too relevant nor helpful.

If you have an type of post you would like to see, let me know. For now, enjoy the pictures of delicious food (hehe!).


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