Happy Birthday Alyssa

Photo Credits to Veena Lin who has such a great eye for pictures!

We played board games and ate pizza to celebrate Alyssa’s birthday tonight. Alyssa is incredibly sweet, focused and committed to her career goal, creative, organized, and is awesome in so many ways that this list could go on for pages. Happy Birthday girl!!!

Christmas dinner

My mother is the best cook ever (at least in my opinion. Mom says there are lots of better cooks.). Here are some of the dishes we had at our big family dinner. My grandmother made the mushrooms. We had a ton of other dishes, plus dessert, that I didn’t take a picture of because I was so ready to eat the delicious food.

Impromptu Friday Night ice cream

Misaki and I went for a spur-of-the-moment trip to 720 Sweets tacked on to a trip to the post office. Running errands is a good excuse to go for an adventure because you’re already out of the house, right? Both of us got the Milk Tea ice cream. Thank you to  the girls at 720 made our ice cream look like reindeer.  Misaki and I have seen each other a lot but it’s been a while since we got to sit down and chat. It was entertaining to listen to her stories.

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Nando’s Chicken

I think it’s normal to feel completely drained after writing several final exams. I felt guilty about not studying for the next final after finishing a final but just as it’s important to study, it’s important to rest. Veena and I went to Nando’s Chicken after writing late afternoon final exams. We ordered humus, lemon and herb wings, medium spicy chicken legs and Peri Peri fries.


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I’ve been conflicted about what to write on this blog lately. My original task was as part of UBC Blog Squad, to blog about the first year of university experience. Generally, that meant writing diary-style posts about what happened during an average week and writing advice posts relating to the university experience (e.g. study tips). Now that I’m in my second year, I feel like this blog should have more of a focus but I don’t know what to focus on.

  • I love collecting study tips and sharing my notes here with you all. Those posts according to Google Analytics seems the posts most popular among you lovely readers. Yet, I don’t believe I’m qualified to be a study guru.
  • As easy as it would be just my blog a diary,  that would not too relevant nor helpful.

If you have an type of post you would like to see, let me know. For now, enjoy the pictures of delicious food (hehe!).