Vision Health Volunteers Year Wrap-up

On Saturday night, I had dinner with the Vision Health Volunteers. Below is a picture of our core exec team minus our VP Internal, Sena. From left to right: Alyssa, Kushal, Rachel, Misaki, Sharmain, and me!  I can’t thank this crew enough for all their hard work and dedication to our club throughout the year.
  • Our club size has grown substantially! (PS Vision Health Volunteer club members, love ya for joining us and sharing this meaningful mission with us!)
  • We organized a number of events including our:
    • Volunteer Opportunities Info Session
    • Sighted Guide Training
    • Music Therapy Winter Concert
    • Goalball Demonstration
    • Diversity Fair
    • Dinner at Dark Table
  • We recruited a sizable number of UBC students to volunteer with the Canadian National Institute of the Blind – and CNIB says our club members have been fantastic volunteers. Yay keep up the positive representation of VHV and UBC!
  • We got to connect with other charities such as Connectra, VocalEye, Aquafit for All and Third World Eye Society.
  • We consulted with members of the UBC Disabled Students Association to understand the needs of UBC students with disabilities. – We hope to implement some solutions in 2017/2018!
  • We were interviewed on a radio show
  • We started a Volunteer Committee
  • We achieved full status this year through approval by the Alma Mater Society. We founded this club in the 2015/2016 year and had provisional club status until we could prove that there are other students interested in our club and that we can contribute positively to the students community to gain full club status.

We’ve wrapped up for 2016/2017 but we have plans for bigger and better projects in the 2017/2018 year. We always love to hear more ideas from you about programs, events, etc that you want to see so please send us an email at visionhealthvolunteers(at)

Vision Health Volunteers Exec Team
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