What’s difficult about MCAT studying

What’s been the most difficult about studying for my upcoming MCAT exam has been:

  • Balancing other obligations with the amount of studying. Even though during the year, I, like every other student, juggle multiple commitments but in the end, I am a full time student with dedicated time to attend class and learn. In the summer, I am a full time worker and studying is wedged into the remaining pockets of time, and it has its pros and it has its own challenges. I now have a much deeper respect for individuals that work full time and work towards a degree on the side – if that’s you, you’re incredible! It’s totally do-able but not a walk in the park!
  • Staying motivated through the whole study period. Re-finding energy and motivation day after day, week after week, month after month. It’s a good exercise though because it forces me to remind myself why I want to go into medicine 🙂
  • Feeling bad about having to turn down time with your family, friends. And missing out on fun summer activities.

The content is not too bad. It’s actually super interesting! I feel like I have learned so many useful bits of knowledge.

I’ve been changing my study spot every day after I realized studying at home is not the most effective for me. This morning I studied at McDonalds which made me nostalgic for high school. My elementary and high schools were near a McDonald’s so I socialized with friends and studied at a McDonald’s quite a bit.

I have an awesome study buddy who keeps me motivated. I’ve been back and forth about caffeine. When I have tea, I’m pretty energetic but I don’t like relying on any substances. I am way too jittery when I have coffee.  But for example, today I went caffeine-free and I had a slow, not as productive as I would have liked study day. My hypothesis is that when I have tea to flavour my water, I drink a healthy amount of water and that helps keep my energy up. (Sidenote: I am in love with Tetley’s raspberry white tea! ) When I just have plain water, I drink much less and it’s dehydration that is making me sluggish rather than lack of caffeine. Anyone else think that’s plausible?

Hope you’re all enjoying July so far!


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