Graduate Students (Theses)

  1. Postpartum follow-up after gestational diabetes mellitus or climbing a mountain, PhD thesis, 2015
  2. A study on correlation between psycho-social status and pregnancy outcome in pregnant women attending Sabzevar Health Centre, 1999
  3. A study on correlation between marital adjustment and stress of infertile women attending the Esfahan Infertility Clinic, 1999
  4. A study on the incidence of intra uterine fetal death and the related risk factors in women delivered in the Firozabad Hospital from 1995 till 2000, 2001
  5. A study on the effect of sitting position on duration of 2nd  and 3rd stages of labor, bleeding volume of 3rd and 4th stages of labor and Apgar sore in women attending Akbar-abadi Hospital, Tehran, 2000.
  6. A study on the effectiveness of community based distribution of contraceptives for women living in district area of Hamedan, 2001.
  7. A comparative study on the effect of daily or weekly iron supplement on hematological variables (Hg, HCT, Ferritin), side effects and patient satisfaction in pregnant women attending Health Centers of Iran University of Medical Science, 2000.

Undergraduate Students (Research Projects)

  1. Age of menopause and menopausal symptoms, Malaysian Women who Referred to Greentown Health Clinic, 2004.
  2. Knowledge, Attitude and Practice of Family Planning Among Men and Women in Batu Gaja Hospital, 2005.
  3. Risk factors of Intra Uterine Fetal Death in Ipoh and Taiping Hospital, 2006.
  4. Incidence of Domestic Violence among Pregnant Mothers who Referred to Ipoh Hospital, 2004.
  5. Knowledge and Attitude of Secondary School Students towards HIV/AIDS, 2006.
  6. Pregnancy Induced Hypertension in Seremban hospital, 2005.
  7. A Cross Sectional Study on Relationship between Prayer and Depression in Patients Attending Seremban Hospital, 2005.
  8. A Cross-sectional Study on Prevalence of Bladder and Urinary Problems among Female Medical Students of Royal College of Medicine, Perak, 2006.
  9. Effectiveness of Sexual Education on HIV and AIDS among Students, 2006.
  10. Knowledge and Attitude re smoking Among Patient at Batu Gaja Hospital in Year, 2006.
  11. In patient’s view on care in the ward at Batu Gaja Hospital, 2005.
  12. A Cross Sectional Study on Patient’s Compliance of Diabetic Management in Hospital Batu Gaja, 2006.
  13. A Cross Sectional Study on Patient’s Compliance of Asthmatic Management in Hospital Batu Gaja , 2006.
  14. Usage of Traditional Medicine Among Rural Residence in Kuala Kangsar , 2006.
  15. Knowledge, Attitude of Rural Residence of Perak Tengah re Diabetic Mellitus, 2006.
  16. Synchronizing Menstrual Cycle and Ability to Smell Pheromones among Female Students in RCMP, 2006
  17. Knowledge, attitude and practice of married women about family planning: A Community- based study in Taiping, 2007.
  18. Knowledge, attitude and practice of families living in Taiping about Dengue fever: A Community- based study in Taiping, 2007.
  19. Knowledge, attitude and practice of breast self examination among patients in maternal and child health clinic in Batu Gaja Hospital, 2007.
  20. Knowledge, attitude and practice study of obesity, weight loss practices and quality of life among patients seen at Batu Gaja Hospital, 2007.
  21. A cross sectional study of microbial contamination of medical students’ white coat, 2007.
  22. Perception of medical students, academics and clinicians towards ethical issues in medical research, 2008.
  23. Reproductive health of women referred to Greentown clinic, 2009.
  24. Low birth weight of twins and it’s relation with obesity-2009.

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