Medical Books
  1. Jahanfar M., Jahanfar S. (1999, revised 2000, 2001- 2010), “Population and Family Planning”, 195 pp., Persian, Dehkhoda Publications, Iran
  2. Jahanfar S. , Moslehi A. (2000), “Home Birth”, 112 pp.,  Persian, Iran University of Medical Science Publications, Iran
  3.  Jahanfar S., Molaeenejad M. (2001, 2010), “Textbook of Sexual Disorders”, 132 pp., Persian, Bijou and Salemi Publications, Iran
  4.  Jahanfar S.  Ozgholi G., Barazandeh G., Hoseini Z., Ataran A. (2002), “Reproductive Health and Islam”, 156 pp., Persian, Bijou   and Naghsh-Negar Publications, Iran
  5.  Jahanfar S., Barazandeh G., Molaeenejad M., (2002), “Male and Female Menopause”, 142 pp., Persian, Bijou Publications, Iran
  6.  Jahanfar S., Fazli Z. (2002), “Population and Environment”, 250 pp., Persian, Bijou Publications, Iran
  7.  Jahanfar S., Hamzeh-Gardeshi H., (2004), “Textbook of Embryology”, 350 pp., Persian, Zanjesh Azmon Publication, Iran.
  8.  Jahanfar S. (In press), “Tests of Gynecological Diseases” 120 pp., Persian, Bijou Publications, Iran


  1. Jahanfar S. (1995), “Hormonal Problems in Women”, 220 pp., Dehkhoda Publications, Iran.
  2. Jahanfar S. (2000), “Handbook of the Diseases of the Breast”, 230 pp., Bijou   and Naghsh-Negar Publications, Iran.
  3. Jahanfar S., Shahsavarian Z. (2004), “Blue print of Obstetrics and Gynecology”, 450 pp. Bijou Publications, Iran.
  4. Jahanfar S., Zahrani F. (In press), “Obstetrics and gynecology case studies”, 110 pp., Bijou Publication, Iran.
  5. Jahanfar S., Barazandeh G., Foladi T., (2002), “HRT and Menopause”, 150 pp., Bijou Publication, Iran.
  6. Agajani Delavar M., Nasiri Amiri, M., Jahanfar S. (2000), “The obstetric Protocol”, 489 pp.,  Research Deputy of the University of Mazandaran Publications, Iran.

Language Books

  1. Saiedi S., Jahanfar Sh., (1997), “The First Six Months Abroad, (English Conversation)” + Audio Tape”, 240 pp., Bijou Publications, Iran
  2. Saiedi S., Jahanfar Sh., (1998), “Humorous Wisdom, (Vocabulary and Structure)”, 50 pp., Bijou Publications, Iran
  3. Saiedi S., Jahanfar Sh., (2000), “English through Film, (Listening Comprehension)” + Video Tape”, 160 pp., Bijou Publications, Iran
  4. Jahanfar S., Tayeb R., Hedayati M., (2001), “English for the Students of DentistryPractice Book”, 110 pp., Poorsina Publications, Iran.

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