Below are the courses I teach.  Click here to search for courses that I am teaching in the current year.

GEOB 270 

Introduction to Geographic Information Science 

A computer-based geography course where students learn how use GISs to model and answer geographic questions such as: Where are areas at risk for sea level rise? What is housing affordability in Vancouver as compared to Montreal? What is the environmental impact of building a new ski resort in Squamish?

GEOB 472

Research in Cartography 

Students will learn open-source methods for geo-spatial data visualization used in research projects: acquiring data; parsing, filtering and analysing data; visualizing the data through maps and other media, and publishing the data to the internet for public viewing. Fundementals of infographics will also be taught, and special topics related to cartography such as mapping history.

GEOG 311

Urban Environments

Urban Environments considers the relationship of urban societies to the natural environment and vice versa integrating analysis of the natural environment in cities, metabolism and urban environmental governance. Students will learn to map, quantify and understand the functional relations between society, technology and the natural environment in cities.

GEOB 372

Introduction to Cartography

This course will cover basics for cartographic design:  projections, scale, quantitative data classification, various methods of symbolization (choropleth maps, flow maps, cartograms, proportional symbol maps).

This course is currently being taught by Dawn Mooney.

GEOG 373

Introduction to Remote Sensing

A computer lab based course where students will learn in lecture how data is captured from remote sensing of the earth’s surface and atmosphere, and in computer labs how this data is utilized for geography analysis such as landuse change over time.

I am currently not teaching this course.