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Internet collaboration takes a wrong turn?

Monday, August 1st, 2011

I currently have just logged into my Facebook account and came upon a post that an acquaintance from college had put as their status: “I can’t believe I’m actually going to do a bloody Facebook poll: should Bob* and I get married? Why? Why not? Serious responses only please.”

Now, I’m into the whole collaboration/polling thing as the next person.  (And I consider this to be a collaboration of reasons why/why not, I might be wrong in my viewing it as this)  However, I think that is a life decision that is taking the whole collaboration of friends and acquaintances too far.  While it may be good to poll friends before purchasing a new car (they might have/had the one you want and have useful information), I think deciding whether to marry a person needs to be a more face to face dialogue between the two parties involved and perhaps their families and/or closest friends, not the 600 people you added as your friend on Facebook that you might sort of know.  I’d love to see what you all in the blogosphere think.

# end rant.

Some brief words about myself and technology

Wednesday, July 20th, 2011

Whew! I feel like I’m a bit late on this.  I’ll first give a brief introduction of who I am before going into excuses, haha.

My name is Lois.  I am currently a grad student at the University of Pittsburgh however I complete all of my classes online because I live on the other side of the state near Philadelphia.  (I live in Spring City to be exact, but it’s a very tiny town).  I currently work part time at 2 public libraries and sub at a third when they need me.  I have one more semester after this before I receive my degree (Wooo!) and I would like to eventually work in an academic library setting at a smaller liberal arts school.  My dream job is to work in an arts library at a museum or art college.  I graduated in 2008 with a double degree in Digital Communications with a concentration in art and Studio Art.  A little more about myself, I enjoy cooking, listening to music, reading (who doesn’t….), collecting records, going to shows, and hanging out outside. 

Now for excuses, I haven’t posted as of yet because I was prepping for a weekend at the University of Pittsburgh.  Once a semester, all of the classes you take meet together in person for presentations, lectures, and the like, so I was prepping all of my presentations (3!) and finishing up all the work due for the weekend.  So I am catching up to everything that is going on with this class. :)

So far, I really like how this class is set up.  UBC’s set up of Blackboard (or Vista) is quite different than the one used at Pitt and at my undergrad.  However, this version is SO MUCH NICER AND INTUITIVE.  I really enjoy how it updates me to what has changed with the little asteriks.  It is taking a little getting used to however.  I have looked over module one and met with my study buddy, Jamie, via Google Chat.  Since he’s 3 hours behind me (I’m in Eastern time), we figure email is probably gonna be our best bet, although I am a night owl.

So for my first post, I figured I would discuss the question “Does form follow function with technology? Or is it the other way around with technology?”  I think that it can go either way in some cases.  Sometimes, we need technology to fulfill a need, such as a computer program for say a hospital to keep track of medical information.  In this case, we make a program that will fulfill these needs.  However, as technology advances, this program could change so it’s following a new form instead of the inital function it was created for.  I think after a technology is initially created for a function, the form is likely to change along with changes in techology to make that more user friendly and to continue to be sustainable.  If a program no longer continues to adapt to the surroundings with what it needs, it becomes obsolete.  An example that comes to mind is Myspace.  After it did not continue to advance and change at the rate Facebook did, it became for the most part obsolete.  Here is a link to an article I read about how one user thinks Twitter will become obsolete if it doesn’t begin to add more user functionality.

Peter Yared – Here Comes Twitter 2.0