Scientia 3.12 Upgrade

In advance of the roll for 15/16, and before the upcoming opening of the 2016 Summer Session scheduling , we will be upgrading Scientia to version 3.12. To minimize the impact to users, Scientia will be offline starting at noon Friday, October 23 for the upgrade, and all day Saturday, October 24 for testing.

What’s new in 3.12

This upgrade impacts Enterprise Timetabler (ET), the Web Room Booking (WRB) modules and the Online Timetable. There are no significant functionality changes to the software upgrade  (i.e. no major changes from your daily scheduling activities), the upgrade is aimed at improving stability with minor usability enhancements:

Preparing for the upgrade

It is necessary for all Scientia users to remove the Apps 2.0 file by end of day on Thursday, October 22.

When you launch Scientia after the upgrade you will see the default settings and will need to customize the TimeTabler (TT) views according to your preferences.

User tip: You may wish to take screenshots of your TimeTabler views to help you reconfigure your settings after the upgrade.

Important: You must write back all work and log out of Scientia prior to noon on Friday, October 23. Failure to write back and/or log out before noon will result in loss of new and changed data.


Having issues with the email editor?

Since the launch of the HTML editor we’ve had a few reports of users encountering errors with the system.

Quick fixes

If you encounter any issues with the editor, we recommend you take the following steps:

  1. Always launch the SIS from your default web browser
  2. Make sure your web browser is running on the newest version
  3. Clear your browser cache
  4. Use Bulk Email option to enable UBC Tags
  5. Use Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome (some users have reported issues with Chrome when logged into the VPN)


Failed to load error message in the SISC

  • Common cause: The SISC is not loaded in the user’s default web browser
  • Resolution: Load the SISC from your default web browser

Formatting options don’t appear in the SISC

  • Common cause: User is running an older version of the browser
  • Resolution: Upgrade to the newest version of your browser

Editor won’t load in the FSC on a PC

  • Common cause: Older version of FSC has been cached
  • Resolution: Clear your browser cache/history

Editor won’t load in the FSC on a MAC

  • Common cause: Pop-ups have been blocked
  • Resolution: Check off “Always allow pop-ups from”

 UBC Tags don’t appear in the SISC

  • Cause: File was loaded from Student > Utilities > Email > Send to Students in File. Tags are only via the Bulk Email option.
  • Resolution: Click Load File (at the top right of the SISC). This loads the students from the file into the Student: Basic Search, which uses the Bulk Email option and enables tags in your email.

A note about tags: if a student number has zeroes at the beginning of it (e.g. 00012345), UBC tags won’t work.  UBC IT is working on a fix for this.

HTML emails now available on the SISC

On Wednesday, April 8 the Student Information System (SIS) received an upgrade that includes new SISC and FSC email functionality. Our text-based email editor has been replaced by an all new web-based HTML email editor that will have tools and functions similar to our current Microsoft Office Suite. 

New functionality includes:

– A new look of the send confirmation

– A new look of the email (from a student’s perspective)