The article “Kenyans in Hague court over election violence” by Liz Ford mentions that  after the huge controversial presidential elections in Kenya that attracted an enormous amount of media attention, it has now metamorphosed into an international court battle being trialled in Netherlands, at The Hague where many disputed cases still remain at large. The International Criminal Court (ICC), known for its global watchdog security has now become a popular subject in business meetings, conferences and even now young school children debating over the controversial topic. The six Kenyan high profile politicians and radio presenters were accused of inciting and leading demonstrations which led to the deaths of thousands of people and billions worth of Kenyan shillings damage to the entire economy over a one month period of time. It was predicted that another civil war among the tribes in Kenya would erupt out of this mess. However, this was not the end result as the famous former UN Secretary General Kofi Annan took matters into his hand and tried to reconcile the two political parties. While the accused are tried in court, Kenya is trying to work its way up to previously held position as the number one top destination for tourists all around the world.