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I was checking out some math, physics and standards based grading educational blogs when I came across a screencast of a teacher who used DimDim. Check out the screencast here and see how it went. More info from the lesson is found here.

I found the DimDim to be a bit slow paced, but maybe that’s just the nature of the beast when trying to broadcast live video. Dan, the teacher, also lamented that he found formative assessment very difficult. He really had no idea what students were “getting it” and which ones weren’t. He later found out that some students felt very rushed and wished they had more time. These are things the teacher would pick up on instantly in the classroom, if it was face to face.

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  1. Uday - Dimdim Support on September 27th, 2010


    Thank you for trying out the Dimdim Service.
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    You may also want to refer to our online meeting – tips & tricks blogpost. http://blog.dimdim.com/blog/bid/40265/Meeting-Distractions
    I personally find these useful – especially while hosting a larger meeting.

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